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Thread: Which iPhone do you like best? (Poll Question)

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    Default Which iPhone do you like best? (Poll Question)
    I have put together a few pros and cons about the 1G and the 3G iPhone. You can put your answer in the Poll at the end but i would advise reading the following points:

    1. A few people have posted on about their 3G getting so hot it burns their leg and the back melts

    2. The 3G did have a yellow screen for a bit. Does it still have a smallish yellow tint to it?

    3. The iPhone 1G has Edge, which is never a good thing

    4. Both phones have a 2mp camera which is fairly good for a 2mp

    5. The iPhone 1G doesn't have GPS but i found out that if the iPhone 3G was released onto Vodafone and other networks (I found this out from Vodafone) legitimately the GPS function would not work (Only O2)

    6. The 3G iPhone does cost less money but feels cheaper, the plastic back helps the cheep feel of the phone.

    7. The amount of 3G zones around the world is much less than Edge zones, so if you live in certain places unless you really want GPS that doesn't have a application to tell you where you are going (e.g TomTom) there is no point in getting the 3G iPhone (That's if you have a 1G iPhone) because they are the only differences

    8. Both phones are locked to AT&T or O2! Which sucks

    9. The 1G iPhone can be unlocked to any network where as the 3G can only be jailbroken, but hopefully that should be resolved soon!

    I have attached a poll with the question. "Which iPhone would you want?"

    Please post any other differences or problems i may not have included, oh and i thought this would be an interesting poll to see if it's worth paying more for a 1G iPhone?

    Oh, and for the record, i am keeping my 1G iPhone unless apple do something about these problems on the 3G iPhone

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    slight correction, it's an iPhone 2G-

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    I like saying 1G just because it was the 1st Generation iPhone and saying 2G just makes it sound like their was an iPhone before it. I like calling it 1G

    Any 3G iPhone lovers out there. By the looks of things so far, i would say no!
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    better signal in buildings
    I think it actually looks nicer
    faster even on EDGE and Wifi

    More 3rd party apps on Cydia and Installer that I like still not on app store or ported to 2.0 yet (I know, its coming to 3G soon)

    This said, I'm about to jump ship and go get a 3G after seeing my son's and how he loves it. Should have just gotten two last week.

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    finally. Some diversity, the 1G's still in the lead

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    1st GEN FRW!!!
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    And yet again another vote for 1G. But what the hell does FRW mean?

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    1G is better... Apple went cheap on us with that plastic backing on the 3G. I like the feel of the 1G.

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    I like the 3G

    - I like the plastic back better. Call me crazy. I think it's nicer to look at, and it doesn't slip out of my hand as easily. This may also be due to the fact that the phone is just slightly wider. At any rate, I like it.

    - Yes my screen has the yellowish tint... but when comparing it to my first gen (especially when viewing pictures) I think I like it better. It gives everything a less harsh look. Again, call me crazy if you want

    - The GPS kicks a$$ as far as I'm concerned. I use it in my car all the time!!!

    - 3G makes surfing the web away from wifi bearable. EDGE was just brutal... And surfing the web while on the go is supposed to be one of the selling features of this "revolutionary internet device." I know lots of people on the forums says "well there's wifi available for free everywhere anyway..." I live in Oakville (about 40 km west of Toronto) and except for in the local mall and Starbucks, I don't know of any free wifi...

    - I'm sure that a SIM unlock will be available soon. But I'm not really that concerned about it... Personally, I'm enjoying owning a LEGIT phone that I don't have to worry about bricking every time there's an update... If I got a dollar for every hour I spent screwing around with my 2G, I could have bought 2 3G's

    - I personally have not experienced any of the bizarre problems that are being reported by some 3G owners. If I had... maybe I would feel differently!
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    3g is way faster, nicer looking, screen is not really yellow its just a little warmer color not noticable at all, gps is nice when your lost, never had service a work with 1g now i always have at least 1 bar

    i did really like my 1g and said i would just stick with it but someone offered me $150 for it and it was 4gb and was completely full, so for $50 more i got the 3g (plus $10 more a month).
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    In America their is more 3G coverage around the towns and it travels further outside of the towns, but in the hilly uk 3G coverage stops at the outskirts of town

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    In the OP it was said that the 3G Iphone was "cheaper". I believe you should look at the "whole contract" and in fact "Apples to Apples" (HAHA) the 3G Iphone is more expensive over a 24 month contract.

    For those that have a Tom-Tom or Garmin...the 3G FAILS to compare to a product that gives you true "turn by turn" GPS.

    3G speed without WI-FI is really the only redeeming quality. So my vote is more situational, but I think the original "2G iphone" is going to have a slight advantage because there is not enough "new" features the 3G model has to make it worth the cash...

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    I had 3 2G iphones and am now on the 3G and I really appreciate the GPS and the 3G speed. But I wish i could have the exterior of the 2G, and there was certain exclusiveness with that phone that the 3G will not be able to achieve. the 3G is for the masses.

    Plus I sold the 2G for over $500 so i practically got a free upgrade 3G plus something extra.
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    We need more votes for the 1G

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    I loved my 1st gen that I had for like 6 months, and now I love my 3G even more. Not sure why I feel the need to do theme and icon changes on the 3G when I wanted to leave my 2G stock except for the dock was the iPod Touch dock. Anyway I love my 3G and thats all I can really say.

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    3G is my favorite

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    3G is far superior. Original iphone feels like a brick. Can't believe it has aged so quickly
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    Take that back. The original iPhone is brilliant, it is perfect hand size and feels smooth around the edges, instead of having a flat screen attached to a curved back, the iPhone 1G is smooth all the way around. What they should do is get the 1G shell and put the 3G internals to make the Super iPhone (Insert superman logo here)

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    Hard question to ask... but bought a 3G and voted for it and my reasons why...
    This is like comparing the Macbook to the Macbook Pro.... LOL

    I also loved my 1G and still do... as I have not sold it yet... am going to keep it for a backup just incase I have to send in my 3G.

    My reasons for 3G

    Better sound quality (can't believe the difference)
    Nicer picture quailty (pictures are warmer and brilliant)
    More space (only had an 8 gig with 1G)
    Better looking phone (love the white casing, I think it is prettier)
    Gps (its cool and does a good job)
    Hopefully I will be eligible for upgrade and or discount next year if there is a new model around the same time.

    Can't get 3G in my area
    Have to pay more per month (but in reality we are paying close to the same price as we did for our 1G phone)

    As for the 1G

    Love it to pieces and can't let it go
    Had a great time with it

    Less space
    Sound quality not as good
    Love its case as well but think 3G is nicer
    At first couldn't install apps without hacking
    Screen quality is not as nice as 3G

    Over all I think the 3G is the way to go if you want to go with the flow and if there is a new version next year you will be illegible to buy it.

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    Come on 1G lovers, vote for the right phone! (p.s 1G iPhone)

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