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Thread: Post Screen installation-Help !

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    Default Post Screen installation-Help !

    I recently replaced a cracked iPhone screen. During the installation, the battery cables came undone. I re-soldered the cables and booted the phone.

    It booted, gave me the "Below 10%" battery message, stayed up for a few minutes then powered off.

    Then, I plugged in the USB cable, phone powers up with the full screen red battery/lightning bolt icon for a few minutes, then the apple logo and then boots, giving me the "Below 10%" message again.

    The small battery icon top right, is red but does not show the lightning bolt nor the plug icons.

    I've left it a good forty minutes now, but it seems like there is no charge. When I unplug the USB, it stays up for a minute or two, then powers off.

    If I plug the USB back in, I get the full screen red battery icon with the lightning bolt and then phone boots again after a few minutes.

    I had an iPhone before that was a bit funny as it had been totally discharged. It took a good few hours for it to go from red batter to green but eventually it did.

    Have I fried my battery in the screen replacement process somehow?

    Also, when I open iTunes, the phone is not there to sync, but I'm guessing this is maybe because the phone has a mode it adheres to when the battery is critically low, once it passes a certain charge point, it will sync again ??

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    It would appear that you got the two wires crossed on your battery and it fried it. I would buy a new one, and since you know how to take it apart your a step ahead already. Just make sure to keep those wires separate from each other, dont let them touch.

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    I was very careful ! I'm a tech so would be surprised if it did short !!

    What gets me is that the phone gives me the large charge icon, then boots after a few minutes, so its getting some kind of charge. yes/no?

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