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Thread: Iphone Does not receive Calls and Restarts

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    Default Iphone Does not receive Calls and Restarts
    Hello all. I've read a couple of threads where people are kinda having the same problem as mine, but it seems to be worse on my case.

    Bought it in April, 8g.

    Currently in 1.1.4, Previously 1.1.3 (when it started Crashing).
    Don't really know what version BootL, but I've never changed It. Unlocked it with Ziphone before, and now used winpwn RC1.

    Currently, If its on standby and someone calls me, It simply doesn't ring/vibrate (even those it's not on silent mode, and vibration is turned on). However If I'm using my phone like browsing the web and someone calls me, I receive the call normally and it rings/Vibrates. So it appears to not want to leave the locked mode to ring, but otherwise works. Also, when i was using 1.3 It would boot itself 5-6 times a day repeatedly until one day, I got a message saying my Iphone needed a restore. So I restored it at least 5 times, to 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and finally 1.4, Haven't had the crash problem yet where it needs to restart, but I also can't receive Calls as I said before, which pretty much kind of the point of having a phone. Also my Wi-fi doesn't work anymore, Ever. If im in a Wifi area, or not I go into Settings and Wifi is grayed out and says "No-Wifi". I have Boss prefs updated, and I have Wifi Turned on but on the settings Menu It can never find a Wifi connection. Also noticed a Much shorter battery life than before it started crashing(even with Edge/Wifi/SSh turned off).

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    oman that is all courtasy of ziphone i think. so clean restores didnt work.hmm i would try to reset all networks settings and try jailbreaking with iliberty and hit wifi fix and youtube activate
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    Don't use ziphone! (It downgrades the bootloader completely, unlike Winpwn)

    Try This (for 1.1.4 only!):
    -Do A Regular Restore (With original firmware, not custom pwned!)
    -Then if it goes through, try using iLiberty to Jailbreak/Unlock/Activate the iPhone!
    -Now I personally need to know what happens after this: if your problem is still there, Ziphone downgraded your BootLoader (Use bootneuter in Installer to fix this problem!)

    -Message me if this worked or not!
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    Hey, thanks for the replies, I had to stay a few days away from my computer so i couldnt check this before, but here I am. Right now im doing what Alexa suggested, a Clean restore, lets see how it goes.
    I think what happened was I did a Clean restore before, and my Itunes detected my phone and saved whatever settings i had before (hence my custom ringtones were still in it after i was done with the restore on ipwn), and I guess the Ziphone glitches came with that. But its good to know that Ziphone glitches out like that, alot of my friends unlocked theirs with Ziphone im gonna warn them about this. Anyways ill keep you posted about how its going. Thanks again

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