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    Default Phone locked after new app install !
    Ok so I have a 2nd gen iphone on 2.0 pwned unlock/jailbroken with winpwn, I was on cydia when I saw an application to lock and password protect applications on my phone i think it is called "lockdown" cant really remember sorry. I installed it (no problems) it ask me to set passwords (no problems) after I set the passwords it ask me to pick programs I wanted to lock (done) then it locked down the phone. I cant access anything i just see a black screen with a grey lock on the top a grey arrow pointing to the lock in the middle and a set of grey keys at the bottom. I have no idea what to do to get it unlocked ive tried everything. Any assistants would be awesome !
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    Can you access Cydia? If so, you could just uninstall it. If not, you could SSH into your phone and remove the program and it should be OK.

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    No i cannot access anything, I can hit the home button twice and it will take me to my phone: recents, favorites, voicemail but i cannot get to anything else. Do you have to have wifi to SSH if so i do not have it .

    Well I wanted to avoid the whole restore then pwn again but i went to do it and I cant restore my phone cause it wants to install the latest update 2.0.1 to my phone and from what I have read winpwn doesnt work with this version yet so I dont want to update if I cant jailbreak again. Can anybody help me ?
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    Have you tried clicking the keys? You need to click it somewhere so that it will then ask for your password you set up.
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    dirtybird, I have whooped my screens a**, Ive hit everything I can, I even tried to slide the keys to the lock NOTHING. I really want to fix it without updating to 2.0.1.

    Can anybody find this app on Cydia and tell me what I can do, or the actual name so maybe i can google it and find some operating instructions.

    (Yes I know that I should have read the instructions first but I thought it was going to be a self explanatory app by the details it had)

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    Even if you have to restore you don't need to update to 2.0.1. Didn't you download a copy of the original 2.0 firmware so that you can then pwn it? All you have to do is put your phone into DFU and shift+click restore and choose the original 2.0 FW. Then you can jailbreak it again with the custom FW you made.

    Hey also, have you tried doing a hard reboot? Hold the home and sleep/wake button till the screen is totally black and then release both buttons. Let it sit for a bit and then turn it back on.
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    GOT IT !!! Thank you for all your help !

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