I have "file swap" apps... everytime i try to open file swap apps, nothing seems to happen. But when I try to open a file (audio or video) from my IPOD section, it tells me i have no files in it. First I thought my file was all erase, but coming back ti File swap and try to open it again still nothing happen (on File swap) to my supprise tried to open my audio/ video on ipod, all my files in there again. So I learn, every time i push "file swap" it hide all my media file, and pushing it secong time around, all the media file will come back.

Now here my problem. One time I push "file swap" and accidentally place it on my desktop charger which is connected to my Laptop. My itines did not recognize my iphone, itune tells me that my laptop already registered other iphone.....i forgot the other things, but it ask me to restore, which i did... all went well on my iphone except that the file size for OTHERS file ballon up to 1.95 GB... which i think is too big...!

What do you think guy??? any help will be appreciated!