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Thread: Google Map finder Works with Navizon

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    Default Google Map finder Works with Navizon
    Well I took the plunge and updated my jail broke and unlocked 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 (I'm on rogers) everything went great except my edge was busted, so I reset the network settings and then I could use my edge.
    The next thing i tried was Google map locater and the indicator kept spinning and it would not work. I then read that you need the new baseband in order to get it to work so i tried installing navizon (it doesn't work very well) it found me three blocks away.
    To get to my point, I then tried the Google locater again and now it works
    It found my exact location!!

    I completely redid everything and confirmed that Navizon allows Google locater to work..

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    This works for me. Thanks!

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    I did the same thing with locate me. It appears both programs open up a port allowing it to work.

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    I was told it was something to do with the baseband, but i"m not so sure?

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    great find big dd

    i did it and exact same thing!

    navizon was about 1km was within feet!


    take some screen shots and make a guide, i'm sure there's tonnes of ppl who will love you for it!

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    god if only the ringtones thing worked (without having to convert them to other formats or anything like that) I would upgrade to 1.1.3... I sooo need webclips and rearanging icons by just draging. also not having 2 sms's programs is great.... but god damned ring tones! I also have some itunes purchased ones and they dont work either.

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    can't you just re-encode, then encode back using that guide?

    really a small thing, heck zip em up, i'll do it for ya if you like


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    Quote Originally Posted by prybar View Post
    can't you just re-encode, then encode back using that guide?

    really a small thing, heck zip em up, i'll do it for ya if you like

    Which guide?

    anyways, I kind of wanted them to work the way they are meant to.. I dont understand why the iPhone doesnt play the files!

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    thanks for the the Love Guys, "Prybar" go ahead and right it up if you wish, I just like to pass on any info that can help us all out
    just do some name dropping

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    did not work for me,navizon says ''no known cells or wifi nodes in range!

    sorry,update its working now.
    this is cool thanks a mill bud from a very happy irish guy
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    well I used Google map finder all day today while going to meetings, this thing is dead on (very Impressed) best feature update so far, lyrics on my cover is very cool as well.
    This is a very nice update
    Thanks dev team for all your great work...

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    The temporary Navizon install seems to have fixed the locate me and my Hybrid view as well... cool. Goole map is still working after removing Navizon (Navizon not working in Australia anyway) Google locate me is pretty good, with approx. 1km radius when I try at home, will see how it goes when there are more cell towers around.

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    Default Google Maps Locator
    I upgraed my phone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 yesterday. I had a few difficulties but the only one that remains is the Google map locator. Imediately after I upgraded I tried the locator. It worked perfectly. After I fixed the ring tones and did the other 1.1.3 tweeks the locator stopped working. I installed "locate me". If I start locate me it makes google maps locator work perfectly. Bad news is, if you turn the phone off google maps locator stops working. I tried it with both "locate me" and "Navizon". Both make google maps work but niether seems to be a permanent fix.

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    I understand what you are saying, I'm finding that i have the same problem...
    I don't have any permanent fix for that
    Sorry, maybe someone else can help us out...

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    Hey, I also have the same problem. But my question to big "dd" is how did you get EDGE to work in canada (as am I) on Rogers. I am also on rogers but didn't know i could get an EDGE account

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