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Thread: Thinking about getting a iPhone - Need some info

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    Default Thinking about getting a iPhone - Need some info
    Well, I am really considering getting a iPhone now, since it has a real nice browser and some other stuff. I been into modding my Moto's for a while, so I have the idea of what kind of time iPhone stuff takes.

    1. Why are the iPhones on eBay are so expensive when you can get one from the Apple store for 400 Bucks?

    2. 1.1.3 is currently worthless unless you are a AT&T lover - true or false

    3. Is it worth spending more money on the eBayer phones which are done and unlocked?

    4. I hate iTunes with a passion(well I hate Apple all together), can you do anything on the phone without iTunes(like add or remove music or video files)?

    5. How is the battery life? I mean this thing is built into the phone for some god forsaken reason.

    6. How are the emulators? I mean do they run smooth and have sound. I got tons of Roms on my PSP and some are kind of rough(choppy or have no sound).

    7. No video recording huh? Ayone getting anywhere with this? Or just letting it be. I seen a bit on it, where someone was using a 3rd party app to record like 3 seconds in crappy quality.

    8. Anything else I should know?

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    You probably shouldn't buy an iPhone.

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    yeah I agree man. you seem as if you will regret buying it by the way you speak of apple products get a nokia or htc

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    I really want something fairly thin in size like the iPhone. I looked around for quite a while but I can not find anything that has the features I want. I need something with Edge and a nice browser.

    I just want something that I can use as a full smart phone that can be recognized as a mass storage device.

    I was considering the Viewty, maybe.

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