hi there.

I have a first gen 16gb iPhone that I use as a touch as we don't have any gsm coverage near us so it's always used with wifi only.

I seem to always have a problem with push from mobileme. At first I thought it was a mobileme issue but the push works fine to my mac.

I have tried restoring and also using pwnage again with a different built ispw.

The strange thing is if I go in and turn off the push under settings/mail/mobileme for contacts, bookmarks etc I get the pop up saying turning contacts off but never back on.

The one time it did seem to be working ( I sent 5 test emails and each arrived in seconds) I restarted the phone an then it stopped working again.

If I have push enabled I only get email if I go into mail and manually check.

I'd also noticed my phone takes a good 20-30 seconds to shut down. At one point I installed chromium keyboard and after it started to shut down much quicker ( only 5 seconds or so on the black screen with the swirly thing). Howerever one app install after from the apple appstore and it was back to 30 seconds.

If anyone has any advise I'd appreciate it. I'd love to get push working but it's looking more and more like I'll have to leave it on fetch data.

Best wishes