Well, i guess ill start off with this, ive been pretty active in the iphone unlocking scene, ive unlocked well over 100+ at my store. however after unlocking so many, ive decided that its the phone that best fits my needs. However ive been a bit hesitant it buying one for the following reason.

Iphone SDK

I currently have Att and Cellular one as my providers both under employee accounts. so yes if i was to get an iphone, i could NOT use itunes to activate it, i would need to bypass the activation, and i would use my att sim card in it for the meanwhile. So now here lies my dilema. Ive been searching for DAYS on information regarding the iPhone SDK. and i cant seem to figure out if its going to be a firmware upgrade, or if its going to be a totally new device that will be sold seperate from the normal iPhone. If its just going to be a firmware update, then whats the point in waiting for me to get an iphone towards the end of february. Please some one help. I would like to know what my best bet is. Once again, i have Att so getting the iPhone unlocked is not neccessary, however installing 3rd party apps would be nice. thanks

Please email me back or post on this thread if anyone has any information.

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