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Thread: Broken Home Button

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    Default Broken Home Button
    Anyone had success fixing a non-responsive home button? There's not much info about this topic available online - only a few posts here and there. The phone is on it's way to me know - I don't have it yet.

    The phone was bought second hand and as far as I know isn't unlocked or jailbroken yet. I don't think I can take it to the Apple store since I'm not the original owner. I'd also like to keep this phone since it's week 39, 1.1.1 and readily unlockable.

    From what I gather, a failed unlock attempt can cause the home button to become non-responsive. You can't get into restore mode without the home button to try again though. I heard iNdependance for Mac allows you to boot the phone into recovery mode, so that will be the first thing I try.

    The other thing that seems to cause a failed home button is a drop. There's a cable behind the battery that tends to come loose. I'm pretty comfortable opening the thing up, I've dealt with taking apart laptops and printers before.

    Anyone have any experience with this so I know what I'm up against? Any tips/suggestions?



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    funny u should mention this my 1 year old son throw me ipod touch in the sink i shaked it and seen water in the screen i since then throw it in the airing cupboard and left it 3 weeks later or so i connected it to me powerbook and was amazed it come bk on now the thing is i have exact same problem with home bottom

    the ipod touch is jailbroken as i done it and can use apps and installer just pain in the arse the home botton not function as with ur phone i would like to fix my problem also maybe a water problem with urs and not maybe a drop or ect ect just a thought thou !

    anyone got ideas how to solve this .
    The Man With 2 Plans

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    Default Broken Home
    Thanks for the reply...I hope it's not water damage! Funny that you mention water though. I read another thread somewhere about a guy who's 1yr old slobbered all over his iPhone which caused his home button to stop working. He cleaned it out with contact cleaner from radio shack and then baked it in the oven at exactly 140 degrees for 8 hours, and it started working!

    It seems like corrosion forms pretty quickly if it gets maybe some contact cleaner will do the trick...

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    thank u mate getting back to me and that is very interesting link ,will be getting some contact cleaner and trying this will post back as soon i give it a try and see if i can bring my home button back to life on me ipod touch ,

    hope u sort ur problem also
    The Man With 2 Plans

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    Default ...
    Just be super-careful with the oven part! The LCD will melt if it goes above 140F. Use a thermometer since most oven dials are not accurate...

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    well i was going throw it back in the airing cupboard as it dried it out before and brought it bk to life so i hope it do same when i use the contact cleaner im sure it take a week this way but i think if it worked before with it dripping and flooded with water it work with the fluid well lets hope .

    will keep ya posted just ordered the fluid now .
    The Man With 2 Plans

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    anyone have a solution, everything works on my iphone except the home button. I had dropped it but it was only on carpet. Any help is appreciated.

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    Wow, I have a similar story, except it was pee instead of drool, and the baby is a squirrel. Is this contact cleaner/oven solution real? As it is, my OG iPhone works except for the home button. If I want to use another app, I either have to find a way to get to it from the app I am using, or I have to reboot the phone. It's a huge pain... A friend that is smarter than me tried installing something that would allow me to swipe the top of the screen, but we ran into numerous issues and the phone was down for days. Does anyone know of anything similar or another fix?

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    Default Solution
    I found a solution for your problem.
    This doesn't exactly fix the homebutton but it does give you a way to go back to the homescreen without having to reboot every time.
    What you can do it go to this website "". Download the version you need by clicking the symbol for Microsoft or Mac. Connect your iPod or iPhone to iTunes and start up Blackra1n. With this program you jailbreak your iPod/iPhone without using your homebutton. When the device is jailbroken the symbol of blackra1n will appear on your iPod/iPhone. This might take a while because it requires a full recovery of your device. In Blackra1n you get 3 programs you can install, Cydia, Icy and Rock. You can choose which one you like most. You can install all of them at once aswell. When they are installed you go to one of them and find the section called "SBSettings Abbons". In that section you'll find the application called "Close Button Widget". With that application you just have to slide the top of your screen to get a special option screen with options like "Close application" and alot more. You can download alot more things from Cydia, Icy or Rock to complete your iPod/iPhone.
    In the programs you have a buttload of applications that you can't find on the official ApplicationStore of iTunes.
    I also recommend installing Backgrounder. Some applications (most games) don't show your iPod/iPhone bar on top of your screen, which you need to enter the SBSettings. With Backgrounder you simply have to hold your powerbutton for 2 seconds and it will go back to the homescreen, but keep in mind, backgrounder does not completely close the application, it puts it on the background! But if you enter the application again, and hold your powerbutton down again, you will disable backgrounder and you will still go back to the homescreen.
    Enjoy your iPod/iPhone!

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    I can repair home buttons. The first gen iPhone is a pain to repair. You need a new flex cable which requires extreme skill and patience. The 3G and 3GS are much easier where it only requires a Home Flex cable. One1 has a guide in his signature about repairing the 1st gen flex. If needed I can write a guide for repairing the 3G and 3GS home flex.
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    Melech this thread is ancient.

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    lol, someone posted on it today so it was bumped to the top and caught my eye. But wow, you are right
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    Default Melech, can you post that guide?
    I have the same problem - 3g home button non-responsive...Genius bar says water damage - which sucks because it happened without me even knowing.

    I'm about to try the cleaner/oven, unless there is an easier way...

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    Which generation iphone do you have? Sorry, I just noticed. I never made a guide for this one but it is fairly simple to do. I can try to walk you through it, or you can send it to my shop and Ill fix it for you.

    I will be making this guide tomorrow, needs to be done.
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    Default Thanks for the quick reply...
    ...I've got a locked, non-jailbroken iphone 3G.

    Would love to see the guide and try to do it myself...

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    I will work on it tomorrow and post it up in here.
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    Where is the guide? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pubwang View Post
    Where is the guide? Thanks.

    THI HAPNED TO ME TODAY GRR sister dropped it + no warranty
    and now home is fkd so i foudn nthis apppp callled

    "mquickdo" its in cydia

    [ame=]YouTube - Iphone iHome (home button replacement)[/ame]

    it does evrythign th home does , music meni home power ooff restart....

    hope this helps

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    Mquick do

    I love it and it can replace your home button.

    As far as getting in dfu mode, get Betty crocker with it I guess.

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    My iphone home button does not work as well, but I use this open source app and I won't have to replace my phone now. Try this: How laidbacklucy Did It - How to fix non-functional home button in jail broken i-phone | It is an instruction to install an application to close the apps and will solve the problem of non-working home button. I found it very useful.

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