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Thread: Post your home screen!

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    sorry for the super bad qualityy!!


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    This is my current shot.

    If anyone wants the icon for Launcher (bottom row) PM me. Chat Icon is not for release, for it is a rip of another icon that is not for release. Im needing a new wallpaper, this one has been my standard for a while now
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrNoSox View Post
    hey djmdaddy, I want to try my hand at a custom lock screen. What file to I need to edit to hide, or get rid of the "slide to unlock" text?

    I know which graphics I need to make transparent for it to work, I just need to know how to get rid of the text.


    Well, thanks to djmdaddy I've created what I think is a pretty cool lock screen.

    Here it is along with the dock I'm using on my homescreen. Other than the dock and dock icons on my homescreen, I'm still using the default icons and black background, although I have changed the order and I have a fourth row with three "blank" spaces and then a transparent icon for Launcher with no text below it and only an arrow in it.

    This is a mock-up since I haven't taken any time to use a screen snap app.

    Care to share your sweet wallpaper?!

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    here is mine. its pretty basic

    Jailbreakin since 1.1.1
    man i wish we could just download the jailbreak from safari just like back in the day.

    update: comex has answered my wish.

    custom setup:
    Asus m3n78 PRO
    AMD Phenom Quad-core 3.2GHz
    EVGA GTX 260 core 216 processors
    4GB G.Skill RAM
    HDDVD BLU-Ray DVD drive
    150GB Raptor X(has window to see disc)
    500GB WD HD

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    Here are my updated screenshots! I love this theme.

    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen

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    Here is my background
    Bleach all the way

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    Default Heres mine
    Mine could use alot of help.....Suggestions are always appreciated...Like how do you do the icons where the far left and right are big but the middle is smaller???? Sorry if this isn't a posting page.
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    2.1 T-mobile

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Here's mine. Let me know what you think.

    Looking for a new internet icon. Blue is my favorite color.

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    You guys' suck.

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    I just clicked "New Posts" and saw this, so I posted here. :P

    Anyways, I'm using Agua WITH Notes n Things icons.

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    here is mine!
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    My Arrival Was Imminent!

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    Default Mario and others...
    i use the wallpaper of mario party posted here,and use the imario icons and others that I found on the web
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    Surely one of you guys must know how to change the colour of the time that is on the home screen. Sorry for hijacking the thread but I am at my wits end here!!!!

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    hope you like it.
    Dim wallpaper caused multiple crashes in defferent apps.

    Quote Originally Posted by djmaddy View Post
    My Locked Screen

    My Unlocked Screen

    Take care and keep on moddin =]
    does this theme really work? i downloaded it but dont know where to put the files in?

    please help.
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