Hey fellas,

After hearing that a ton of developers STILL have not been accepted into the iphone dev program, we've decided to help out. I'm sure there are a good deal of you guys who either have applications that you can't distribute via the AppStore or have great ideas for applications but don't have the necessary means to get them into production and distributed.

Obviously I know that you guys have the Cydia/Installer route. No problem. This is in regards to getting your apps onto the AppStore if you have no other means and you have costs to recoup that were spent on development. We've just completed our first app which is currently "In Review" and pending addition to the appstore. In the meantime, we want to extend our developer status to those of you who haven't been approved, so that your apps don't sit in limbo forever, and yeah so we can share in the profits. We have developers who can help test and assist with bug fixes for your app, or develop the entire app for you and distribute it via our channels. If any of you are interested, shoot me a PM and we can discuss it. We'd also be willing to help you distribute your free applications as well, provided that they would be of value to the community