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Thread: How to make a lot of space for your apps

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    Default How to make a lot of space for your apps

    Lately I had a lot of troubles trying to install many many games and apps from the app store and cydia. Every app (like monkey ball) told me disk full blablablala.

    So I had to find an answer! I tried moving the partitions, but it seems that on 2.0 something has changed. And I found how to make it possible again.

    Here's the quick solution:

    In ssh, you just have to create a new directory in which you will move your apps into. Then recreate the /Applications symlink to the new directory. That very directory must be created in /private/var. Not /private/var/root because the "mobile" user does not have accces to the "root" folder. (I ****** up my iphone many times because discovering that! lol)

    Here's some explanation:
    If you look into /etc/fstab it is clear that:
    / is the 500mb partition for the os and the apps. There's maybe 100mb maximum for you apps. That's terrible.
    /private/var is the other partition (7gb, 15gb, etc...)

    So what we have to do is move those apps on the big partition. Enough chatting here's the truth:

    mkdir /private/var/ROOT_Applications
    move /Applications/* /private/var/ROOT_Applications
    rm -rf /Applications && ln -s /private/var/ROOT_Applications/ /Applications

    Then restart your iphone/ipod touch. And voila! Everything is supposed to work as before, except now you can install almost as many apps as you want to!

    If you have any problems or questions, let's go!

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    Good work!
    I will try it very soon.
    I did that trick in all my old firmwares and all worked very well...

    I sopose that will work well in 2.0 also

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    or you can always use Bosstools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swifty7 View Post
    or you can always use Bosstools.
    BossTools was buggy foor me: I wasn't able to move nothing except fonts and even though: it never moved my fonts lol.

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    Default Help
    Ok created the new directory in /private/var as stated before now what are the next steps. Also the symlink is confusing me.
    What information do i need to put into "link/shortcut file" and "point link/shortcut to" i am so confused with the link.

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