I haven't done anything to my iPhone yet, it's just been taken out of the box. The "slide for emergency" slider/animation movies for a split second, then freezes. I can't slide it across and the animated text is frozen, hence I can't get to the keypad to dial in any numbers, as the slider won't move. I also can't turn the phone off as to turn it off you need to slide the red button across, which doesn't even appear when I hold down the button on top of the iPhone.

It's detected by iTunes/the computer/Independence fine.

I've done multiple restores (iPhone goes to a gray screen, reboots and updates firmware - the one that takes about 30 minutes). I've done reboots and have tried them all with a SIM in and without a SIM (the AT&T SIM). If left idle on the activation or restore screen, the iPhone will reboot every 6 minutes exactly. I'm not sure if that's a timeout, or a fault.

Do I have a broken iPhone? I'm all the way in Australia and it's hard for me to take it back to the USA. Is there anything I can do to fix it?