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Thread: iphone not the same anymore after update

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    Default iphone not the same anymore after update
    so i had a 1.1.4 iphone, 1st generation btw, i updated to 2.0 jailbroke it and unlock. from the start everything was different. my phone crashed a lot, apps from the appstore had to be reinstalled before they can work again, and worst of all my wifi was being weird, it would load only half a website. i would refresh and refresh and i would just this error about safari not being able to connect to the server or something. so i decided to downgrade back to 1.1.4 since i thougt it might be more stable. the applications are good but wifi is still a problem, it will only load half a page idk why. its not my router i have 3 laptops and all of them work fine with the internet. any suggestiosn?

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    Dont worry too much about it. Firmware 2.0 is buggy as hell; Apple rushed it out the door to meet the 3G launch deadline and they neglected to fix some major flaws. Hopefully with 2.0.1 they will fix a bunch of the app's crashing issues and make our lives easier.

    If you think its a real problem with your phone and not just the firmware, try restoring in iTunes.

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    Yeah, app freezing, crashing, GPS not locating with full bars, sloooooooow response %50 of the time...

    Thanks Apple! Still sticking with it though... haha

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    Really that bad?? I thought it was good.

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    yeah in my opinion 2.0 shouldnt have been released.

    ive restored my iphone already, that was one of the requirements in order to downgrade and yet i still have the problem, i just hope its not permanent or something, since i use my wifi a lot, and i dont know what i would do without it. oh and the thing is im at 1.1.4, i downgraded FROM 2.0, and im still having wifi problems, thats what worries me.

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