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Thread: "Study": Apple iPhone Doesn't Improve Typing Efficiency

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    Default "Study": Apple iPhone Doesn't Improve Typing Efficiency
    Chicago-based User Centric, a usability consultancy, evaluated iPhone use by 20 mobile phone users, and concluded that the Apple iPhone's touch screen does not improve typing efficiency. I take issue with the research--and I want your input.

    After all, you guys/gals are the real iPhone users, right? Not some random folks the company found on Craigslist.

    Check it out:

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    I didnít read the articles but I wouldnt think typing on the iPhone would improve your overall typing skills. I would have to say that my iPhone typing skills have improved most definitely.

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    hahah awsome i found ths i have no idea does it help ur typing skills. i dont think so, i mean its not a real keyboard either . hahaha. where did these guys go iv never seen themm around come back hahahah.
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    The study means whether you can type on the iPhone faster than on regular cell phones and phones with a real keyboard like some blackberries.
    Well what they basically did was letting 20 people type messages on their phones and on the iphone. The result was that the people with phones with real keyboards were about twice as fast with their phone than with the iphone and the people with regular keyboard phones typed with the iPhone at about the same speed.

    Everyone can see that this is ********. How many years had those people to get used to the normal phone keyboard?
    For the iPhone keyboard they had 60 seconds to get used to it.

    If they had chosen people who have never written a message with a normal phone nor a iPhone this study would be reasonable. But this is just stupid.

    For me my typing speed on my iPhone increased after a while and still increases. I can type texts WAY faster than with regular phones.


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    The more practise you've had typing on an iPhone, the better you get. In fact, I'm to the point were I can type without looking.

    But when it comes down to it, I could type on a full, plastic keyboard phone faster then my iPhone, though the difference is slim.

    When it comes down to it, being able to type out a sentence 3 seconds faster isn't a big deal.

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    it all about being used to it, i was driving and i told my friend to text something back for me and it took like 2 mins and she is very fast on a regular none keyboard phone, i took it back and typed the same message well driving in 10secs, the thing is people don't understand that it fixes alot of words.
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    I text and e-mail on the iPhone nearly as quick as on a full keyboard, and the text typing is far faster then my old Nokia.
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    The iPhone is way quicker than a standard cell phone for sure. One of the main reasons I wanted an iPhone (actually a phone with a qwerty keyboard) is that I often access e-mail away from my desktop. I hated trying to respond on my V3i.

    I also think teh iPhone keyboard is faster than a Blackberry. While I like the feel of a real key, it does add time.

    On the other hand I'm way faster on my conventional keyboard than either the iPhone or a Blackberry. Also, while the word correcting feature of iPhone is a great timesaver for the most part, it can sometimes add time when trying to do non standard abbreviations or words and names not in its dictionary. I look at it as a wonderful compromise.

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    I think someone had some time and money to waste to prove a point that does not make much sense. The title is misleading. "Study": Apple iPhone Doesn't Improve Typing Efficiency, and should have read "Study": Apple iPhone Doesn't Improve Texting Efficiency. Like everyone is saying in this post is it is what you are used to and they had 60 seconds to get used to it. A lot of time and money wasted. It took a real genius to make this test.
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