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Thread: credit disappearing !!!

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    Exclamation credit disappearing !!!
    Has anyone heard of this happening?

    After i updated my phone with a custom 2.0 f/w last week my credit has been disappearing. I just rang O2 and the guy said there is an sms being repeatedly sent to the number 9011 and is costing me 25 cent each time because it is an international number.

    After he had spoken to his tech dept. the first question he then asked me was did i have an iphone? He went on to say that it was a problem that i was using a pay as you go sim card and not a bill one. He then said that there was nothing he could do and that i would have to contact apple.

    Since last week i have now gone back to 1.1.4 because the 2.0 made my phone very slow, my credit is still disapearing!

    I have never seen anything like this come up on these forums before, has anyone else?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I actually have the same issue. I attempted to research this via Google. Other users have said that modifying the appropriate carrier.plist to allow you to edit your network settings and disable Edge fixes the problem. While this isn't logical since the iPhone is sending an SMS via the cellular network as opposed to sending a data stream, I went ahead and attempted the mod. As expected, texts were still sent to 9011 after. As you pointed out, the fantastic thing about o2's pre-paid plan is that they charge you for everything - even texts that fail.

    Other users have mentioned that the 9011 SMS is really the iPhone attempting to ping your voicemail. This makes a little more sense since the carrier.plist shows:



    Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any specific information on modifying the BeaconAddress key. I'm considering changing the number to my own cell # to see if my phone starts receiving the text messages (which should technically fall under my free local SMS plan). However, I'm not sure whether this will actually work nor do I know the consequences of modifying the key.

    I'll let you know if I make any progress with this...

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    After saying there was nothing he could do the guy from O2 obviously decided he could do something about it, the next day i checked my credit i had been refunded all that had disappeared and i put my sim back in my iphone and have been using it since with no problems.

    I never rang Apple about the problem but i am keeping the number i was given just incase in happens again.

    Did it happen just after you updated to 2.0 ?

    Just found this on an O2 forum,

    O2 MyCare wrote:
    The 'Recent charges' section of your bill shows you sent 9 text messages to 9011. I understand you didn't send text messages to 9011. Your iPhone automatically sends text message to 9011 whenever an illegal operation is carried out on it. However, you aren't charged for these messages.
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    Interesting. No, I actually have been running 2.0 for quite some time with AT&T. However, I unlocked the phone to use with an O2 sim recently.

    When I first used the O2 sim, there were a lot of charges for the 9011 texts. I did call customer care and was issued a credit, but the rep wasn't familiar with the issue. After performing some searches I realized it was an iPhone related issue. Yesterday, I received a few 9011 text charges as well. There weren't as many as initially but they were still there.

    I wonder what the O2 rep meant by an illegal operation. There doesn't seem to be an obvious pattern on my call history about when they pop up. It could just be a coincidence, but the carrier.plist does reference the number 9011 as a BeaconAddress.

    Oh well, thanks for passing on info about your experience. Glad you aren't having any issues any longer - hopefully mine will fix itself as well.

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    Default Update
    Just an update - like everyone else my iPhone magically has stopped sending these 9011 texts. I'm not sure if O2 updated something on my account when they issued the credit (maybe they put a block for that #?), whether changes disabling edge helped (I kind of doubt this), or whether the 9011 texts are only submitted when you initially insert the sim into the phone. This behavior of initially having 9011 text charges and having them magically stop seems consistent with what I have read on the net. I'm certainly glad my issue is resolved, but I would like to understand exactly why this behavior existed in the first place!

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