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Thread: iphone 3g won't turn on

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    Default iphone 3g won't turn on
    Hi everybody i am puzzled by this I am pretty sure my battery was totally dead . When i went to charge up my iphone 3g with the jailbroken 2.0 firmware it wouldnt take a charge. I tried doing the hard resets with the charging cable and without. I tried charging from the power supply and from the cmputer. Itunes wouldnt recognise it. Finally after getting ready to throw it out the f*cking indow i tried one more time to reset it and it finally started charging. This is really freaking me out. While i think it is possible the battery was totally drained because 20 minutes before i got the low battery warning 20% I out it back in my pocket till I had time to go downstairs and get the charger I dont think it would have died that fast. By the way the wifi the bluetooth and the 3g services were all on. Anyone had a similar problem or know what happened?

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    well wifi bluetooth and 3g drain the battery super fast. i'm thinking the iphone was completely dead with zero charge and it couldnt reset or turn the screen on until it had a sufficient enough charge.
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    I was thinking that but I had it on the charge cable for over 45 minutes before I was able to reset the phone to finally get it to go into charge mode. That was just to get the chartging icon not even to get it to actually turn on.

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