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Thread: Keypad & Keyboard broken. Need 2.0 original Files

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    Default Keypad & Keyboard broken. Need 2.0 original Files
    hi there,

    i just installed a customized keypad and keyboard for iphone 2.0 firmware. But when i uninstalled it again, it didnt return to the original keypad(-board) files. i now have a blank screen on both. I cant find the original files here in the download section for firmware 2.0. so can anyone send me those pls? reinstalling customized versions doesnt work anymore as cydia cancels the installation process when i try.



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    I'll put my hand up for a "MEEEE TOOO" for this one after installing new keypad for dialer.

    Though I can still change them, but it only stays up for around 2 sec and then quits to main screen again.

    In receved calls its automaticly as if there is no keypad and you can navigate through everything, when you press the "press here to return to call" nothing happens...but the call is still going...


    I've checked around is there a "TelephonyUI.Framework" in V2.0x???
    As I didnt have one, tried putting one in...and no luck...



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    damn im having the same problem, im not able to dial out, my key pad quites after a couple seconds. So ive been going to my contacts lists or sms and tapping on the names to make phone calls but then im not able to hang up or end calls unless i restart my phone....sooooo is there anyone out there that knows how to fix these problems.....pretty please

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    Yup, I'm having the *SAME* problem.
    I think I might have to restore from last night *sigh*

    Edit: It was the "retro phone dialer" that f#cked up my phone.
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    Restore and u will be all set, as sad as it sounds but all will be well. lol. Retro dialer is the shiznet i rock it daily lolol
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    screamforme02 is right...I tried out the Black Macbook keyoboard and when I tried to revert to the backed-up OG files, everything went wonky. A full restore did the trick.

    ...and in defense of Retro Dialer, it's been on everyone of my JB phones since launch with nary a glitch. LOVE that mod!

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