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Thread: Sometimes the iPhone doesn't ring when in stand by

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    Default Sometimes the iPhone doesn't ring when in stand by
    I have this problem for 2 or 3 days now.
    When the phone is in stand by sometimes doesn't ring, the screen won't light... nothing. Let's say someone is trying to reach me and I missed the call, the phone rang and everything. All is good. But other time the phone won't move, although the caller hears the ringing tone and if I'm lucky to open the phone I can see the call. If I have one of those weird calls all the calls afterwards will be deadly silent and I keep opening the phone and find 5-6 missed calls with call back option. Anyone had or heard of this problem till now?
    I've reset all settings but after some testes the problem is not gone. I have no other idea of what to do. If someone is kind to help me, then I thank in advance.
    PS: sorry for my bad English, I hope I made myself understood. Thank you very much.

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    I've found that iPhone won't ring when in standby more for more than 1 minute.
    I don't know how this happened because everything was just fine till now. The only difference is that I've installed some applications from Installer (DressUp, ScreenShot, Converter, BossTool, some themes) but I don't think this has something to do with my problem.

    EDIT: after all the research I did last night the only difference between me and those guys on apple support forum who have the same problem and changed the iPhones at apple is that mine didn't have the problem right from the box, but appeared about 2 months lather so this has encouraged me to reinstall the firmware. I'll update the thread later with what I've managed to do.
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    I need a little help guys. I've keep reading all I could get about how to reinstall the firmware and this is my plan:
    - downgrade to 1.0.2
    - Update to 1.1.1 with iTunes
    - jailbreak
    - unlock
    I need a confirmation that what I will do is correct. Or there is another method to reinstall the firmware? Now I'm having 1.1.1 version with the "no call when in standby" problem. Thank you very much.

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    I did exactly what you say you plan and it worked for me.

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    Now I really don't understand. Yesterday I've let the iPhone with the screen lit and minimum brightness so I can be able to receive calls. As expected, the battery died in about 10 hours. The phone shut down itself. After a hour or so I've plugged the phone in my PC, start charging, the move it to the AC, this morning unplugged from AC and everything is working just fine... I can receive calls even it's on standby for 5 minutes or more.
    Someone who is good at modding iPhones have a clue what this could it be and how to prevent to happening again? Thank you very much. I was so close to reinstall...

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    From my experience, once a phone starts doing this, it does it intermittently. It will probably start doing it again in a day or two. Your only real option is to get it replaced at apple. BTW, it seems the phones with this problem always ring in standby when they have power.
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    Thanks for your reply. Tell me what test should I do. Replacement is a no from the start because in my country the iPhone is not officially launched. You say that when the battery will go lower will start doing this again? I thought this problem witch requires replacement was for those phones who had it from the start. On mine, the problem appeared after two months so I thought was something with the temporary files or something like this and after a hour or two of shut down everything will be just fine like it is now...
    Will see in the next few days if it will happen again. If you know a test or something witch should I do, please let me know.
    Once again, thank you for your attention.

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    I've noticed mine'll do that sometimes as well.

    Never really figured it out.

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    Default Iphone doesn't ring
    I Just bought an Iphone. Jailbroken and all. I'm using T-Mobile.
    Recently my Iphone audio stopped working:

    -missed phone calls
    -no clicking sound when I typed.

    There is a switch on the side of the iphone.Top left corner, I flexed it. ( off-on-off-on) and then my sound returned when I send text messages. Then I called my phone from
    My office desk and the audio was back.
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    Your hardware issues don't have anything to do with their software issues. Their phones are entering "deep sleep mode". You can see it do it if you pull the phone logs.

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    Well, Software controls the hardware sure, but I simply flex the on/off switch and my sound for receiving calls and typing beeps came back. I don't know how to snoop around in the software of these Iphones yet. I'm a noob but I'm really into hacks. So if you have a way to snoop around inside the software, post it please. I like to know.

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    Sorry for bringing this thing back to life. . . But this is exactly what is happening to my iPhone.

    How can I fix this? I really don't want to give up my phone. It is not warrantied and I just traded a G1 for it. . . I really like the iPhone much better. . . .

    But this sucks. . . . .

    Anyone? ? ?
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    Did you switch off-on-off-on?

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    I can alleviate this problem myself by renaming the powermanagement.plist file in /system/library/systemconfiguration/powermanagement.bundle to .old, This solution was working fine for me on the 2.0 firmware. But after moving to 3.0 last month and changing that file, My phone gets very hot and the battery drains VERY quick. I can literally watch the battery drain in the course of a few minutes. If I change the file back to normal, the battery lasts as it should, however I cant receive my calls since the phone is going into a deep sleep. Does anyone have any idea on an alternative method to fix this problem? I tried switching back to my T-mobile dash so I could sell my iPhone, but I just can't do it. I really like my iPhone...

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