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Thread: Selling my iPhone crossed my mind.. quick questions..

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    Default Selling my iPhone crossed my mind.. quick questions..
    I'm sure there are 100x's of these but why not one more huh? Anyhow, I've thought about selling my iPhone. Basically I work for at&t and they provide me with a Blackberry curve which I have to keep for email & I'm getting a bit tired of carrying the iPhone around for just my wife to call me Don't get me wrong, I love this thing to death but i'm beginning to feel it's just not practical

    Currently I have a 8gig week 41 iPhone which I purchased new & activated through at&t. It's jailbroken & running 1.1.2. Would I be able to downgrade to 1.1.1, jailbreak it again & unlock it to sell for a few pennies more? I know a few people who are looking for one to use overseas so I'm sure I can break even on the price or even get a few more $'s for the trouble.

    I keep it in a Contour Showcase protective cover & clean it just about every other day. It's mint & not a scratch on it so I'm feeling a little negative on selling it. Especially with this site & it's developers coming out with new downloads all the time! Should I suck it up & keep it or move on? btw if I do sell I'm more than likely picking up a Samsung SLM phone. It's a cool 3G headset & if it breaks I can careless. If I even dropped my iPhone I'd probably throw a fit! oh and finally, my wife has a 4gig iPhone running 1.1.3 so if I get the 'itch' I get to play with her's

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    If you can afford to keep it, then why not? I still have a Sprint Treo that I have to carry around for my internship, but I use this for my everything else phone. I can afford to have both, so why not?


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    i had my curve and gave it away because i hated it and the size..if its impractical then maybe you should get rid of it, but if you cant part with it then i guess its settled. =]

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