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Thread: Negri selling unlocked iPhone 3g

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    Default Negri selling unlocked iPhone 3g
    Okay, like many, I went and checked out NegriElectronics after their sponsorship of the iPhone Giveaway competition.

    ANYWAY, they have this on their site:

    Apart from the crazy price, I was just wondering if an unlock method is out there (I thought it wasn't) and if NegriElectronics is using the SIM adapter method? (does that work?)

    If this is the case, does anybody know a cheaper place to buy an unlocked iphone 3g other than ebay? $1549 is too insane for me.

    input appreciated.
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    Yes, it has been unlocked. I dunno if by hardware or software as hundreds of ebay sellers (including power sellers) are selling it and ready to provide software and hardware instructions or unlock themselves!!
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    it's a hardware unlock like the turbo sims from back in the day

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    Hmm thanks guys, i still think their price is crazy. I'll wait for the official unlock
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    you can buy 2 non-contract iphones for that price. could be buying them in countrys where they are sold unlocked. I thought that you can unlock 3g's now with pwnage.

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    Nope not yet.. it's in the process though according to the DevTeam's blog
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    $1,549? That listing is so lacking on unlock detail that I wouldn't trust it anyway
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