I'm sorry if this was asked before, but when I looked up sim card, all I see is turbo sim and any sim, and I donít need anything like that...

...a friend of mine is selling her iphone to me. She doesnít not like it, and is also not to smart because she is selling to me dirt cheap.

Any who...this phone was going to my wife when she converts to AT&T in June when her Verizon contract is up. Now...I have no idea if it comes with a sim card, she may have taken it out and taken it to her new phone. Can I get a sim card from AT&T when she decides switch?

Or...if the sim card is still there, can I swap my card back and forth to the phone to upgrade and such? AND if the card is there and my wife tries to get her account going, how would I go about doing that since it has been activated by someone else on their own plan?

Again, if this is repetitive, I apologize.