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Thread: Iphone is warmer than other. Wifi can search but cannot connect.

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    Unhappy Iphone is warmer than other. Wifi can search but cannot connect.
    One of my iphone is becoming brick and I have no way to fix. I really need someone help.

    I am from Hong Kong. I bought two iphone on 10/1 in Las Vegas.

    Version: 1.1.2

    One of them is already working very fine together with PSS SIM.

    However, I have a great problem in another iphone.

    Highlight : It seem to me the Wi-fi module was hanged. My iphone was warmer than normal iphone that my freinds are using. The warmer location is near the apple logo at the back.

    Procedure I did:
    1. Press "Home" and "sleep" until itunes show "you got a iphone need to be recover" (something meaning that)
    2. On PC keyboard, I pressed "shift" and "recover"
    3. I select the 1.1.1 firmware and press "ok"

    4. The itunes start loading the 1.1.1 firmware.
    5. After a while, it show the error 1015.

    6. I use Ibrick to knick my iphone out of the recovery mode.

    7. I saw the earth display. I slide and saw the keypad. I press to *#307# ..... 0 .. 1 ..add contact prefs:// .... finally I come to Setting menu.

    ---------Here come to error point- ----------

    8. I go to wifi setting. It show me the network available (the newtork and router is 100% sure ok, my friends iphone can connect to it )
    9. I select one of the network. It was not able to connect at all and I of course cannot connect to the
    -(by very rare case, I can connect to the network two to three times, it can load the page. I can browse the web and press the "install appsnapp". It will return to idle earth screen and But sooner or later, it will lost the connection.)
    -(also, if I turn off the wifi and turn on it again. It cannot search any network and I have to re-boot the iphone again so that it can search some networks)
    -(during the few times I can connect the network. I turn off the iphone for a few hours.And then I turn on it again. It usally can connect to the network. While I play around for few minutes. The network can't be connect again before I can download the "install appsnapp".
    10. So, I was stack here now.

    Procedure I trie are listed below. All of them cannot solve the wifi connect problem :
    1. Go to general, reset all content and all files ... (I tried every option in the reset menu)
    2. Re-do the recovery from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1, up and down for many times.
    3. Turn on and off the wifi again and again.
    4. Reboot, reset ....

    Please kindly help me. Thank you and thank you very much

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    I have this problem with my iPhone 1.1.2 that's jailbroken. I restored it and I was able to connect to do the jailbreak but after that it was a no go. I wonder what the problem is

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    Are you having the similar situation ?

    Please kindly describe me how to restore to fix the wifi connection problem.


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