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Thread: Need advice from the big boys =)

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    Default Need advice from the big boys =)
    need some expert opinions. lemme start....

    Got a new iphone, and i was not aware of the forums or anything like that. so i paid some store to unlock my phone for me. The day i got it, i found this website and signed up for it and ive been regretting not unlocking the phone myself ever since.

    The guy that unlocked my phone told me that i had the newer version. Im guessing 1.1.2. From the info i've gathered on this website, he would have had to downgrade, unlock, then upgrade again right?

    well he didnt upgrade because when i sync with itunes, it says 1.1.1.

    Myquestion to you guys is. Should i upgrade to 1.1.2? The phone guy told me not to because the phone will lock up again. Also i have no idea if he jailbreaked my phone or not. I have iphonebrowser and i can acces the var/root/ etc etc, doesnt that mean my phones jailbreaked?

    few concerns i have.

    - red voice mail dot (which i read on how to clear, just havent tried it yet)
    - got to see the name of the song i want for my rintone , in the sounds menu, but i dont get playback or audio.

    My dumb *** tried a few ways to do the ringtone thing, and i might have messed up the original ringtones.plist maybe thats why i can do anything.

    cant even transfer stuff from my itunes.

    I call this guy back and ask him question with a little bit of knowledge i have about this stuff, and suddenly he plays dumb.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry i wrote so much, i just thought that maybe one mistake i made could effect everything thats happening now.


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    I'll help with what I can....first off, if you go under settings - general - about,on the phone it will tell you what version firmware you are running. If Itunes says 1.1.1, thats what your running.

    IF YOU UPGRADE TO 1.1.2 YOU WILL RE-LOCK YOUR PHONE AND POSSIBLE BRICK IT! Because the baseband version will be upgraded.

    If you can view the filesystem of the phone, like you said you can, then yes the phone is jailbroken also. Hope this helps alittle.

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    appreciate it! i guess i wont be upgrading to 1.1.2. hahaha

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    I dont quite agree. If you bought the Phone as version 1.1.2 bootloader 4.6. When he downgraded to 1.1.1, its still bootloader 4.6. Just the firmware was downgraded. I bought a 1.1.2 in december BL 4.6. I downgraded through Itunes with the shift click to 1.1.1. ran ibrickr to "fix" the downgrade. Then through installer, i installed the appsnap and unlocked the phone. But for you , all this is already done! So, you dont have to worry about that.
    So, what I then did is in "Installer" there is a package called "OKtopPrep", when you install this, it prepares your phone for upgrade back to 1.1.2. After that was installed, I again in Itunes did the Shift click to "update" not restore, but update my phone back to 1.1.2 with the 1.1.2 zip file I had downloaded.

    Once the upgrade was complete, yes was phone was locked out again, but that is easliy fixed since we have installed the OKtoPrep app. Now tha tit was locked I ran a program called 1.1.2 jailbreak which is available here.

    after you run this, it will take about 5 minutes, You now have a jailbroken 1.1.2 phone. Make sure oyu have JAVA runtime environment installed on your pc. You can donwload that at

    Now that my phone was jailbroken, i needed to unlock it so i could use any sim card.

    To do this I went back into "installer" and installed two packages called openSSH and BSDSubsystem. After those were installed , I added a source in installer called "" minus the "" then refresh your sources. I then went back into the install menu and I had a new category named iClarified, in there I found a package named "Geohot Unlock (1.1.2,1.1.3). I ran that and voiola, I had an unlocked, cracked, jailbroken 1.1.2 Iphone ready for talking. But hey, thats just me!

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    What a reply!!!! Hit that dudes thank button!!! Completely layed the smack down on that question!!! I'm sorry for the hype but it moves me to see such genuine help. I must be off now to spread what I have witnessed just like the commercial. Damn.
    None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

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