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Thread: Cannot install any new apps

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    Wink Cannot install any new apps
    Hi everyone,

    I cannot install any new apps through Installer - the file downloads but doesn't install and I cannot see the app icon (sometimes I see it with a "?" sign in Customize). I'm using 1.1.2. Recently when I was using 1.1.1 I had the same problem, a friend told me its because I'm using Customize which changes a lot of system files, but after uninstalling Customize I had the same problem. I then upgraded to 1.1.2 and everything worked fine till yesterday, and yes I did install Customize and Categories a couple of days back (can't live without them). Any idea how to solve this problem, short of reinstalling 1.1.2 (or waiting for 1.1.3 ). Cheers, Buzz.

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    You ran out of disk space. Uninstall about 5 apps and then Install BossTool. Once you have installed BossTool run it and move all of your Files to media. that will solove your problem. Or you can do it manually through SSH and it is called a symlink hack. That's what I did. Here is the link for the Symlink hack.

    Hope this helped. If you have anymore questions just ask. God Bless!

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    I think you are right, since I got the message "you are running short of disk space please delete some photos or videos" several times, but I used to ignore the message because I still had a huge amount of free space on the iPhone. Thank you, and will try as you suggested. Cheers, Buzz.

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    No problem, If you need any help just let me know.

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    OK thanks, must have worked because I have installed BossTool. Question: In BossTool, should I relocate Applications only, or Wallpaper and Ringtones as well? Another question: if in future I get "short of disk space" message, should I use BossTool again, or will all future apps be moved automatically to new disk location? Txs, Buzz.

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    It really doesnt matter if you relocate everything. The more you relocate the more disk space you get lol.

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    I now have 46MB free out of 300MB - is that normal or should I have more? Question: how can I check if all future apps will be installed on the Media disk space and not on the 300MB system space? I have terminal app on my iPhone and after typing df -h I got an output which I cannot interpret. Thanks, Buzz.

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    hey Buzz, That is very normal that you have that much space left. You probally have around 70 to 80 apps installed if you have 46 mb left. lol I only have 42 mb left. Terminal will just give you a percentage of how much disk space you hav used, not how much you have left. You can check by connection to your phone via SSH going to var>root>media.
    Hoped this helped you

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    Hi, I downloaded BossTool v.0.35 and tried to relocate fonts and applications, but the 'timer' (the thing that looked like clock) took a spin and stopped, nothing seemed changed. What can I do ?

    And before I run BossTool, I removed all 3rd party applications, I still have 3MB left out of 266MB on /, while 2GB free out of 7.4GB on /var. The figures are rather different from yours ??

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    so has anyone actually had problems from using boss tools? i mean like if you moved some files that you shouldnt have or something? just wondering i would rather be safe than sorry..when you open boss tools one of the things says "no im scared" for a cancel button and i wasnt seven scared until i read that....thanks
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    OK i have a question. So i used bosstools and relocated apps,ringtones,etc etc. When i was done a good amount of my apps where gone from the springboard. How do i get access to the apps that where moved?

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