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Thread: Using stolen iPhones

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    Ok....... So state in which way we're being hypocritical. I don't steal neither do I buy stolen goods. I either buy a product at a given price or I [B]search for a cheaper option[B]. And personally I don't care how cheap a stolen product is, I'm not going to taint my consience by purchasing it.

    Good that you said "unlike SOME of these people", because now you know that you can't be on about me.

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    im in no way been hypocritical, i know what its like too be robbed of good, my house was broken into at christmas and i had my brandnew 37" LCD, my wifes nintendo wii and my ipod touch stolen, which i saved for months too buy, the ipod and the wii was christmas presents too so we only had them 2 bleeding days. I found the scum that robbed me and he paid his price, but i never got my stuff back.. i have a consience too and would never buy stolen goods no matter how cheap it was, because along the line i know some poor sole has lost out somewhere.

    IMO buying stolen goods is just as back as stealing them yourself.

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    I agree. The most likely scenario is that the ******, I mean OP, who bought this did not. I bet that he/she stole it and thought that playing the innocent card- 'Oh, I bought it but I knew it was stolen'. Wait, you KNEW it was stolen. Like I said, ******.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    I'll throw you a reply, why the hell not. Yes you can probably using a turbosim or stealth sim and use the phone. There MAY be a way to track the serial number as it is unique to every unit. I don't have word on this. My guess would be tracking it through itunes updates.

    I will also say this:
    The fact that you paid someone money for it doesn't make things better. The person who sold you it wasn't the rightful owner. The rightful producer of the product did not get their money.

    Before I get flamed:
    I gave this guy an answer for one reason. Nobody is flaming anyone unlocking their phone to go with different providers. The fact of the matter is this is stealing too. We are taking away an AT&T contract and breaking the terms of use. Do I have moral problems with it? No, not really, as I use and iPhone on T_Mobile, but AT&T is feeling a hurt from this stuff just like apple might be feeling a hurt from people stealing these units. One form of theft is just physical, the other is digital (this includes all those fancy roms you have for gba, nes, etc.) It is easier to justify breaking rules when you do it digitally in the privacy of your own home than when you are shoplifting.
    Interestingly we all have our own thresholds for this, mine stops at bypassing activation and jailbreaking to use freely available apps, not playing dubious sourced games.

    And bypassing activation to use a legally bought iphone on legally held mobile phone tarriff I dont really see in the same category as using a knowingly stolen phone and making no attempt to trace the owner through the numbers in the phone book.

    If all that ATT can offer for a tied iphone is VVM why would anyone bother.

    Apples marketing strategy is starting to fail now that people realise this and other phone providers offer stiff competition. Notice little mention was made at MacWorld that Apple has missed its target of selling 10 million iphones thats even including the unregistered ones
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    that is why you buy apple products at a trusted retailer like apple.
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    good luck...... but cant help you there

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    Quote Originally Posted by aqua1 View Post
    there is no blacklist for imei's in the US, and at&t does not participate in the imei database . besides a police report being filed nothing really happens. anyone who has ever had a phone stolen will tell you, it is next to impossible to get it back or catch the person who took it. you have to do something really dumb, such as going to an At&t store or calling apple for a warranty issue to get caught. Either that, or the phone was involved in a double homicide and the police think you are the killer.
    This is where your wrong... anyone with a computer an access to Watson a T-Mobile activation and monitering system or AT&T's Activation service unsure of the name can track a phone by IMEI... meaning if someone stole your phone including Iphone, the account will be linked to the IMEI and makes it very easy to see who is now using your stolen phone. It is a frownable service but the second someone inserts there sim into a stolen smart phone it must register with the network to gain access to the network. The IMEI is then linked with the account and can be searched for. Id watch out with the stolen phone an hopefully the guy finds you just after you bought an expensive Stealthsim to unlock it and comes an kicks your *** I hate thiefs. My ifone got jackd at the Mall of America... an the second that guy trys an uses it I will be on the account holders doorstep!

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    good luck with everything.

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    Default I would
    I would only buy something stolen if i knew I could get it back to its original owner without too huge a cost to myself. I'v done this before when I knew whom the item belonged to, the guy was a friend of mine and even he found it unbelievable that i would do that and want nothing in return.

    Still, I'm no angel, I also handed the guy the name of the thief. What happened to him next was of his own doing. He's lucky this guy is one of the more gentle amongst my friends.

    I was also handed keys to a car once that was quite clearly stolen, took the thing to the local police station and handed them the keys. Hope the person got their car back.

    Anyway, I'm surprised you don't have a blacklisting system in the US. Here in the UK, if anybody gets your phone, by the time you realise it's gone it's already no use to them. The problem is that a lot of exporting of stolen/blacklisted phones goes on to contries like the US who don't have a blacklisting system, then of course is the fact that people know how to change IMEIs.

    It's a shame, I have been robbed and witnessed it happen to family members, when it's from your own home is the most worrying particularly when you have family to protect but in that case they can take what they like. Some things are just more important.

    Anyway, to the OP, my personal suggestion is that you try find out who the phone is registered to and get it back to them. (If it belonged to a person and wasn't shoplifted) if it was shoplifted, well, I don't know.

    I doubt most retail stores deserve to get it back, but I'm not one to be the judge of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aqua1 View Post
    there is no blacklist for imei's in the US, and at&t does not participate in the imei database .

    Please state your source for this information. Black and white print is what I'm looking for from an official source.

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