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Thread: Do I Need Mac Os?!?!?

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    Default Do I Need Mac Os?!?!? a little nervous about buying this expensive fone and modding it...i have a hp mx705...if im modding my iphone i would like to know and make sher everything is perfect...can someone please help!?! please?

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    Although Mac OS is ideal for iPhone/iPod Touch modding, it can be done on Windows as well.

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    so in your words..

    No you do not need Mac OS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!!?!?!?!?! ?!?!
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    have u not already made a post bout this the other day???? Anyways no you don't need a mac too do this, I have windows xp and all is fine. When u read the guides it tells you wat program to download for either mac or pc..

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    Mac OS is default and recommended software, i suggest you to use Mac.
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    I realize this is a bit old now... but I had to respond to the post "Mac OS is default and recommended software, i suggest you to use Mac."

    Default since when? And who exactly recommends it? The vast majority of iPhone (and iPod) users are Windows users. You can use Windows, just as easily as you can use a Mac to do whatever it is you need to do with your iPhone.


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    I just bought a macbook so i'm new to using it but I thought windows was so much easier to mod, and I had a lot of photo programs to make and edit themes. The only good photo program i can find for mac is photoshop.

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    People saying that mac os will be better make me laugh. If you are using to install stuff and SSH there is no difference between using a mac or windows based pc. Old-school methods of unlocking needed a mac, but those are a thing of the past (yes I know it has only been a few months, but things change fast). Windows will work just as well as a mac. I am assuming if he is asking this question he isn't going to be writing any programs, so we don;t even need to go there...
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