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Thread: SMS problem

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    Default SMS problem
    After installing iSMS, i cannot open the main SMS app. When I open it, it stays there for 2 seconds and then goes back to home screen. I uninstalled iSMS and the same thng happens. I installed back and the problem is still there. The iSMS apps opens fine but when I try to compose a message, it goes back to home screen.


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    same problem over here... although i haven't install anything in the last few days.

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    Strange. It works for me perfectly. What firmware are you running?

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    1.1.1 ... quite weird never had this problem before.

    ok its getting really weird... just noticed i also lost all my ringtones.
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    i'm having this problem too, just started today, out of nowhere. weird thing is when i go into sms msgs, the phone goes back to home screen, then immediately flashes to camera!?! i'm running on 1.1.1 & didn't try to install anything in the past month. i think restoring the phone might be a solution, but is there something easier?

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    sounds like 1.1.1 is the problem... 1.1.2 works flawlessly (so much so its currently replaced my
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I have same problem here, just woke up this morning and found I cannot get into sms programs, it just goes right back out to springboard. Is there any system files we can delete or replace?

    right guys!
    after reading these comments I put 2 and 2 together (brainy me lol)
    and decided to try and set the DATE back 2 days and see what would happen


    YES ! try it !
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    damn you're right! january 12th 2008 is the new Y2K bug!

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    WTF?The app works now!


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    LOL ! I told you !

    Anyway, I now know what the problem is, it's that program that let's us install foreign keyboards on the iphone MOBILEenhancer or something? Anyway, the reason I know this is I uninstalled the vietnamese keyboard which was a ripp off of the russian/greek keyboard, and it now works PERFECT with the CORRECT DATE !!!

    So for those of you who have foreign keyboards or the smiley keyboard installed then UNINSTALL in and your phone will work as normal !

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    thanks hb328_dtdd!!!

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    Thank you! That worked. I set the correct date and it works. Now we have to find a new way to set the greek(for me) keyboard

    Edit: seems that everyone has the same problem so an update should be released soon
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    this is awesome. you guys are awesome!!

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