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Both of these are regarding the original 1st generation iPhone, not the 3G model.

Alright, here's the deal.. I have 2 iPhones, both I purchased off of eBay at different times (one months ago, and one in the past week). Both still are running 1.1.4 firmware and haven't been upgraded further at all. Since my old one was having signal problems, I bought a brand new one before I planned to sell my old one to see if there would be any change. I could certainly use and appreciate a lower amount of calls dropped.

I want to see if there is any difference between the build weeks at all..
From now on I shall refer the iPhones as:
#1 Serial: 86749XXXWH8
#2 Serial: 5K820XXXWH8

Here's what I can tell from the serial numbers (referring to the first as reference):
86 is the batch ID from Apple's manufacturer.
749 is the YWW (year digit followed by a double digit build week)
WH8 is the indication that the phone is an 8GB model.
XXX are numbers you and no one else needs to know..

Soo, here we go, presumably #2 was made in 2008 on the 20th build week, which would make it very recent, and exactly when I wanted it too. I wanted to test to see if the signal problem was neutralized or if it was apparent in all Apple manufactured phones. My results (so far) are below.

Here's the confusion I'm having on the manufacturer/build dates though. Phone #1 states that the warranty lasts until Dec 2008 (made last year 2007), while Phone #2 says the warranty lasts until Aug 2008 (and made this year 2008). I've checked online and despite the build date on the serial number, the warranty ends earlier (Aug 2008) on phone #2. If phone #2 was manufactured this year (2008), can someone answer to me why is this? Hope this wasn't too confusing.

I've been conducting a number of tests, and will be conducting a long test with the phone tomorrow on a road trip (the 23rd). I would like to know what other users have experienced from their phones. My old iPhone was notorious for signal problems (dropped calls all over the place and low signal) and it seems that while using the #2 phone I get a little difference of signal but not much, no word yet on if it's more stable or will continue to drop all over the place.

Here are my questions regarding to two models:
What is with the warranty difference? Huh?
Are there any apparent differences in the signal quality?
Are there any apparent differences in the number of dropped calls?
Are there any apparent differences in the LCD quality/brightness?
Anything else you can think of, please make a note of it here, even if it isn't signal related. Please keep DOA's out of the discussion though.

My Results (as of July 22, 2008):
Been testing for a few days after receipt. So far I have noticed there is a slight difference in the LCD, and, you would've guessed it, the newer one does in fact have a tiny TINY slighter yellowish/orangish tint to the screen, but it is barely noticeable on higher brightness and unless you put both of them next to each other.

Both signal RX indicators in Field Test Mode seem to be the close if not the same, both with different fluctuation problems (it seems as if when one isn't fluctuating, the other one would, not sure if they're interfering with each other or I should put them further apart). The signal bars would actually JUMP UP despite the signal of the closest tower being above RX:-100 db, which is strange activity even after Refreshing. Remember, the better signal would be around -87-94db for me normally for the closest tower.

Both phones do NOT like the human touch, which I find VERY ODD.. Am I some interference magnet or something? As soon as you touch the phone, the signal goes down and down.. and eventually after 3 mins the bars go down as well (I guess they refresh actually right).

I also found out that on phone #2 the volume was half as low as phone #1.