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    I really want to get a video recorder and a new theme on my phone. From what I understand I have to jailbreak the phone. I was wondering how hard or easy it would be to jailbreak my phone and what risks I take by doing this. Is it possible that my phone would not work correctly anymore? Please be patient with my question, Im new with this stuff. Thanks

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    Jailbreaking isn't that hard. Almost every member here at MMi has a jailbroken iPhone, without any complaints.

    How to jailbreak depends on what OS are you using on your computer, as well as what firmware your iPhone's on. (Go to Settings -> About, and check the version number) Post what firmware you have, then we can help you out.

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    Version 1.1.2 and modem firmware is 04.02.13_G.

    Is jailbreaking what I need to do to get video and themes?

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    Yes. You need to jailbreak to install any third party apps.

    I'd also like to know what OS does your computer run on, and what carrier are you using.

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    There are many ways of jailbreaking. The most user-friendly method I've known is by downloading iDemocracy. You can get it from here.

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    K when its done downloading, where do i go from there or will it explain?

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    When you're done downloading, extract the files.

    Also, after extracting, before using it, download the 2.0.2 upgrade from

    Extract the update the READ ME file....follow the instructions.

    Then go back to where you've extracted iDemocracy (the iDemocracy2 folder), go to Debug, and launch iDemocracy. (its the white icon with the blue things) Its pretty straightforward from there onwards.

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    I'm having trouble updating, there is no exe file

    there is no exe file that works, it says it stopped working
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    After you've extracted the update on CLICK ME...then browse to where you've got iDemocracy...and press Update.

    PM me your MSN, so that this can be done faster.

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