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Thread: How has MMi been helpful to you?

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    Thumbs up How has MMi been helpful to you?
    Post how MMi has helped you with your iPhone/iPod Touch.

    When I first got my iPhone, it was already jailbroken and activated with 1.0.2. Then when one of my friends saw my home screen, he was like "OMG! You haven't modded your iPhone at all!" I was like "What the...". Then he gave me the link to MMi, and my iPhone has never remained the same since then.

    I was a complete noob to the world of iPhone modding back then, but after reading the guides and various threads on MMi, I have learnt lots about how I can pimp my iPhone.

    I feel MMi is a good starting point for new iPhone/iPod Touch users. The guides are quite user-friendly, and the staff here are very helpful. Keep it up MMi.

    After reading threads on MMi, I was able to do the following:
    -Upgrade to 1.1.2
    -Install, giving me access to the great world of iPhone apps
    -Get all my queries about third party apps and other things sorted by MMi members.

    Thanks to MMi for all the help it has given me.

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    my phone was jailbroken and unlocked on 1.1.1
    after 3 days, i installed customize and managed to loose all my icons.
    MMI helped me to find a solution (M68Plist thingie...)

    then after 2 weeks I managed to totally brick my phone and again, MMI to the rescue. Allowed me to fully restore, rebreak and unlock all over again

    haven't had any problems ever since (*holds wood*)

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    Here's where I learned to jailbreak/unlock.
    Here's where I learned to use Installer.
    Here's where I learned to use SSH.
    Here's where I checkup applications to see feedback from other people and how to properly use it.

    MMi has been very helpful.
    iPhone FW 2.2.1, Jailbroken and Unlocked!

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    Default Very Slow Access
    Great site and have learned so much since the beginning. The only issue now is the server speed. I am on cable and it is so slow that I do not use it very much any more as naviagating is so painful. I just in now once a week to see if any new apps are out or icons made.

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    Server speed will increase greatly in a couple days when our second server goes live.

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    Nice Topic..!

    Well i have been on many different iphone sites! But i have to say if i want to use them again .. i prolly will have to go through "Forgot Your Password"

    i think this Great Website has Helped a lot of People and has Provided a single Platform to everyone out there to become part of a this very fast growing community. where you can get help or help others whatever turns your bulb on.!

    The Site has been very helpful in many many ways

    I have learnt each and everything that i know today on here!

    I am sure bigger and better things await MMi .

    GoodLuck & Thanks for everything you guys have Done
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    I have learned everything about modding my iPhone from this site. I bought a Macbook in May and absolutely loved it and decided to cancel my Sprint contract and give AT&T and the iPhone a try. This site has not only helped me learn about my phone, but my Macbook as well. I've made some great friends here too!

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    I learned almost everything i know from here and Mostly here

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    Oh man......where do I start. SSH, Jailbreaking, everything man. MMi community and it's resources ARE the SOLE reason my phone wasn't returned to the Apple store, or hasn't been sold. Thanks Guys.

    p.s My Gf loves the site too.

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    This is were i have learned everything and i also have helped my friends with there iphone's also i love this site...

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    MMi has been awesome! I purchased mine in Sept at an Apple store. OTB it was 1.0.2. Having spent over a year modding Moto Razr V3 and a V3i I immediatlly looked to mod the iPhone.

    I held of jailbreaking until 1.1.1 came out. Even though I'm ATT, I was contemplating unlocking for european travel. I since upgraded to 1.1.2 re doing all my mods. Never bothered to unlock since I am mostly in the states.
    This site is so informative I never had to post a question (so far).

    Ive jailbroken, gotten to know my file system, learned to edit and make icons and install them into Summerboard or iSwitcher themes, I modded my battery charging icon, designed a custom carrier logo and signal bars which play nicely with Customize.

    My next project is to do a custom lock screen and am researching how to edit the top bar (where the carrier logo etc.... are) I would love to do a keyboard for 1.1 2 but havent had too much time to play with the phone lately.

    Thanks MMi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvanB View Post
    Here's where I learned to jailbreak/unlock.
    Here's where I learned to use Installer.
    Here's where I learned to use SSH.
    Here's where I checkup applications to see feedback from other people and how to properly use it.

    MMi has been very helpful.
    Totally agree!

    To add:

    Here's where I learned to upgrade/jailbreak/unlocked my 1.0.2->1.1.1->1.1.2
    Here's where I learned to virginize and downgrade my baseband
    Here's where my apps come from

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    Can a moderator please sticky this thread? I think MMi should see how they've helped so many people.

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    I have been modding phones for a few years. But was a complete n00b when it came to macs period. Thanks to this site, I know a lot of great modding info about the iPhone. I got mine as a ootb 1.1.2 from apple. Within about 1 hour, it was hacked to bits thanks to this site and its member base.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    just 1 word EVERYTHING!!!
    everyone was a noob when they came here...
    If i help u n some way give me a tnks!!
    Theres no other, all i can say is MMi Rocks!!

    1.1.1 iPhone 8GB/Nokia 6131(when im out of country)/Samsungt519(just for emergency)
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    I scored a nano.

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    This is by far the most helpful iPhone modding site. I went from loving my new iPhone to being pissed off that it couldn't do anything other smart phones do to pissing people off that my iPhone can play GBA games and I couldnt have done any of it without MMI (cept loving and being pissed off at it...)

    Thank you MMI!
    For Help
    Private Message, Email, or AIM
    (My response time might be a little long)

    STATUS: Real busy all the time...

    Expect more when I find something guide-worthy.
    PM me and let me know if you need one.

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    i agree, everyone was a noob before they came here
    jailbroken 1.1.3

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