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Thread: Just a knackered screen?

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    Default Just a knackered screen?
    I just got my iPhone from the US (I'm in UK) and I thought I got a bargain cos the guy had listed it as broken but the description implied that it was only bricked. So I get it, unbrick it and also find that he neglected to mention that there's no display.

    It's making noises and vibrating and stuff but there's no image at all. I don't think it's been water damaged and there's no bumps on it so I was wondering if anyone has a possible software problem that I can try to fix before I put it back on eBay at a massive loss.


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    Its doubt its a software problem, however you could restore the phone easily without the screen, and if for some reason it is software, that will fix it. Otherwise, after the restore, you may be able to ship the phone to Apple and if its a hardware failure, it is likely that they will replace it. Unless its water damage, but hey, its worth a shot.

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    Yeah I did restore it and still nothing, I figured the screen was probably knackered when it seemed to be responding but there was no yellow triangle. I was curious about the warranty but like I said I'm in the UK and the phone is from the US so I want to make sure I'm not gonna get turned down for having a void warranty.

    Will it actually be covered having left the country and all that, and how do I make sure that they won't just turn it down if the original guy had fiddled with the software, will they know? I figured the restore to 1.0.2 would cover up anything he'd done but how can I check the baseband? And is there anything else they could get me on? How do I check the water damage thing, or would that mean opening it up?

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    Well... They cant tell its modded if the screen doesnt work right? Go return it!

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    I'm sure they have ways. I'm gonna have to pay for it to be sent abroad so I don't want them to either wangle out of it or charge me for a the new screen which I hear pretty much equates to buying a new iPhone.

    Right, there's no sales receipt so that's the warranty out. What about replacing the screen myself, I reckon I'd lose about 80 if I just sold it and I can get a new screen for about 40. I've watched the video and I reckon it's something I could manage but how do I know it's just the screen, I really need to know if the digitizer (or whatever the iPhone has) is working before I pour more money into it.


    What can I do to make sure it's just the screen and not the digitiser; whatnot.
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    restore it and then take it to apple (or wherever they sell them in uk) and they should give you another one...

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