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Thread: distorted speaker sounds

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    Default distorted speaker sounds
    ok, so i was playing a you tube video today and found that it gave me a disorted, garbled sound over the iphone speaker ... tried a song from my playlist... same thing ... its like major disturbance ....

    the headphones and earphone speaker works perfeclty ....

    anyway i can resolve this without restoring everything ? anyone had this kinda problem befor ??

    anyone ?
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    I think it's just the external speaker itself... it isn't the best quality, and isn't designed for playing music (or so I've been told).

    I also think it varies by iPhone. I had a launch-period iPhone with poor external speaker; returned for various issues and dissatisfaction. I recently bought a new iPhone, which had a really good external speaker; good enough to listen to music on without much distortion at reasonable volumes.

    I exchanged that one (screen and reception problems), and my new phone's external speaker is poor at playing music at most any volume. It sounds choppy, with clipping and distortion. YouTube videos without music seem alright; search for "tickle me emo" and play the one with the MadTV intro from Fox, and see if it's understandable for you. That plays fine through my speaker, but not so music. (But I'll settle for poor external speaker rather than losing signal when phone sleeps! )

    It's annoying, because I'd like to occasionally use the speaker: share music listening, in a hotel room in a pinch, or playing games that have background music (such as Scumm VM). The speakers just don't handle it.

    So, the short answer is, it's the iPhone itself, and if speakerphone calls sound fine, then that's the best you can expect.

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    I sometimes get that muffled, fuzzy sound while using certain apps like Beatphone. Rebooting the iphone usually fixes it - at least in my experience.

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