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Thread: issue with phone dialpad after 1.1.2 upgrade

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    Question issue with phone dialpad after 1.1.2 upgrade
    I used the guides here to upgrade to 1.1.2 from 1.02. Successful everything works. Just one issue.

    When i go to the phone and select numbers on the dialpad, the phone goes back to the spring board arbitrarily after sometimes just pressing one key, sometimes 2-3, depending on key pressed. It is almost as though it is stuck in the same mode used to access the phone for jailbreak .i.e. after selecting the initial *#307# sequence and going through the initial url set up.

    Dialing from contacts works fine, Utube, sms etc etc all work. Just the dialpad fails.

    Any ideas thanks in advance.

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    I'm having the exact same issue.....

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    Hi guys,

    The same thing happened to me. I'm assuming you're not inthe US, if so what you need to do is install the iWorld utilitiy and locate your country. This will solve your problem.


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    Yep installed Iworld, but my country is not listed. Same country format as US (but obviously Iworld does more than just format numbers, so I will need to do research it and update the plist manually.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Same thing happened to my upgraded 1.1.1 to 1.1.2, dialpad and sms not working. When installing the iworld and select the country, now its works fine & great. Thanks guy...

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    Well IWorld didn't work for me (only because my country wasn't listed), but following this thread was the ticket:

    I patched my AppSupport file and then updated PhoneNumberTemplates.txt which pntedit extracts from AppSupport to reflect the country I'm in:

    bb 1 011 1 3 7

    Pntedit instructions (contains windows x86, mac os x i386 and mac os x ppc versions)
    Download pntedit.exe application (see link above)
    Grab copy of AppSupport from firmware 1.1.2
    Run "pntedit.exe read AppSupport PhoneNumberTemplates.txt"
    Edit PhoneNumberTemplates.txt
    Run "pntedit.exe write AppSupport PhoneNumberTemplates.txt AppSupport.Patched"
    Replace AppSupport on iPhone with AppSupport.Patched

    The appsupport file is found here:


    and you need to access your iphone using either cyberduck or fugu. Alternatively you can ssh and sftp the file.

    I hope this might be help to those other lost souls beyond the reach of Iworld.

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    dear user, your first link is not working. hmmm. could you please provide step by step instruction of how to patch and add other countries?

    thank you!

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