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Thread: iTunes: Carrier settings update and 2.0?

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    Default iTunes: Carrier settings update and 2.0?
    I updated to 2.0 and jb and unlocked my phone. iTunes now presents with this message:

    "An update to the carrier settings for your iPhone is available. Would you like to download it now?"

    Has anyone seen this message and is it safe to install on a jb/un 2.0 iPhone?


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    I have seen the message but have not updated. Others have on the site and say that it has not affected anything. I will try and see what happens....and report back.


    I received an error message that said itunes could not check for an update to the carrier settings for your iphone. An unknown error occurred. (1630) Maybe because I am not on an authorized carrier....maybe!
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    OK, thanks for the response. I'm going to bypass it for now.

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    I press update on that one and did not happen nothing, updated with out problem, I was having problems with the new apps, did not worked so I was just doing anything to see if they worked instead of re doing the Pwnage tool again, after a restore from the settings, my iphone seem to work perfect again with the version 2.0 I am in Mexico city, and of course I am not paying for the 3G iphone, I have the 1st Gen iPhone and works perfect, you should do this upgrade is really safe

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    hmm I haven't seen the update yet. I'll check next time I sync

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    I am getting the same error 1630 on a iPhone 1G with 2.0 using Vodafone Germany

    any ideas ?

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    yeah i got the 1630 error aswell im using iphone 1G on orange UK

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    Yup! Just got the same error 1630.

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    this update for officialy known carriers

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    i never got it. ohh well

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    I'm in mexico with Telcel using an unlocked 1st gen iphone and I updated, appearently, this just changes the Carrier name string (before it was something like Mx.. Telcel GSM) and now it only displays Telcel, also the apn settings for EDGE changed to make it work

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    Default Error 1630...
    I have a iPhone 1st Gen with ver. 2.0 (PWND). I was prompted to update to carrier settings. I tried the update while in Israel on Orange Network and I got the 1630 Error. Nothing else happened. However for the life of me I cannot connect to the Edge network here. I entered the info manually to no avail. Last time I was here I downloaded through the installer (in 1.1.4) some localization script that made everything work.

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    see Blog Archive goes Cydia

    they have started to port their popular carrier fixes to 2.0

    not sure if there is one for Israel, but if you ask Andre I'm sure he can create one

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    Default No problem with the Carrier Settings Update
    I have a first gen iPhone (PWND) 2.0.1
    I am from Ecuador, Latin America.
    No problems with the carrier settings update.
    iPhone 3G is expected to be here this friday!

    The download is pretty fast and it seems nothing happens..
    really fast..

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    Thumbs up Carrier Update
    I have a 2G, v.2.21, JB/Unlkd PWND phone in Florida (AT&T). I just got the carrier update notification and accepted (after research). It "completed successfully" and very quickly. It's syncing at the moment, so no problems noted yet.

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