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Thread: How frequent do you restart your iPhone?

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    Default How frequent do you restart your iPhone?
    How frequent do you restart your iPhone?

    In my case, I'm restarting my iPhone 2-3 times daily.
    I have Firmware 1.1.2 (upgraded/unlocked/jailbroken) with lots of apps installed.

    Main reasons to restart:
    Many times, icons disappear from one or more of the desktop pages.
    iPhone freezes from time to time.
    fail to receive an incoming call.


    just restarted now due to icons not shown...
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    restarted the phone just yesterday
    (because nothing responded, the phone was in sleep mode and neither the home button nor the wake button managed to wake it up... not even pressing the wake button long enough to restart, worked... i had to ask a colleague to call my phone, that activated my screen, allowed me to get to the "desktop" and then i was able to fully restart the phone with the wake button.)

    but other then that, i rarely need to restart

    firmware 1.1.2 here, jailbroken & unlocked (with Proximus Pay&Go Belgium)

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    if restarted mine once in about 4 weeks and that was only because I added a ringtone n it needed t be restarted too see it.

    Mines a 1.1.2 OTB on pay n go o2 sim..

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    I may restart once a month.

    Do you have Dim Wallpaper turned on in SummerBoardPrefs?
    That causes a memory leak and eventual crashes.
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    maybe i restart one time in week - i'm installed iSolitare and iSnake, thats all
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    I restart maybe twice a week

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    I shut down my iPod at night, and start it up in the morning. So, everyday.

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    every few days. usually only if it stops responding or im doing stupid with it.

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