So after successfully jailbreaking/unlocking my iphone [not 3G] using pwnage 2.0, i kinda started to miss 1.1.4.

after looking through various forums on how to downgrade, it seems like you're not able to downgrade if you jailbroke/unlocked with pwnage.

cool - no prob. i'm sure in the next couple of weeks cydia will have many of the installer apps i previously had, and all will be well.

and the appstore is not that bad...

my question(s) is:

what cydia apps CAN I DELETE?? i go to see what's installed and i see a whole bunch of stuff i didn't install.

what cyda apps SHOULD I INSTALL?? i go to see what's featured and all, and i see a bunch of stuff i never seen on installer.

it's no biggie. just curious.