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Thread: Things i need to know bout 3g iphone

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    Default Things i need to know bout 3g iphone
    Ok so I have the first gen Iphone now and I love it, but I plan on going tomorrow to the AT&T store and upgrade to the Iphone 3g but I first have a few questions:

    1) Since I am not eligible for an upgrade since I singed a 2 year contract for my first Ipohne do I have to pay $399, or since I already have an Iphone do I get to upgrade for $199?

    2) How much more monthly will it cost me? Right now I am on a family plan and I only pay $60 a month for unlimited data, unlimited text, and I share minutes or whatever w/ my family.. So how much more am I going to pay a month for the same options w/ the 3g Iphone?

    3) And finally I was reading on the news forums about switching the sim cards from another AT&T account to the 3g Iphone and it working... So I was wandering if I do buy the new Iphone can I take out the sim card and put it in my first gen Iphone, go back to the $60 a month plan then take it out and put it back in my 3g Iphone and use it... Even if it does not still include the 3g coverage, because I live no where close to anywhere that has 3g coverage so I would not mind... I just don't want my bill to go up just because I want the new phone for GPS and battey life.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if any of these questions have been answered because I could not find them. So please if you are going to help me then thanks, and if not just I ask you don't even reply.

    Please I really need to know before I drive 30 minutes tomorrow to go get my new phone... cus if it is to expensive to buy, or if my bill is going to be a lot more then I can't buy it now
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    1. Since you own an old iPhone you automatically qualify for the 199/299 price should cost about 10 dollars more

    3. No, when at&t upgrades your account your stuck with the new data plan for the remainder of your iPhones contract.
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    Thanks a bunch! YAY! How exciting I can't wait

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