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Thread: Push e-mail on iPhone 2.0 after pwnage

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    Default Push e-mail on iPhone 2.0 after pwnage
    Please share your experience with push email after using the pwnage tool 2.0. Yahoo push email is free. So, it should work without any problem.

    But in my iphone push emails are not working.

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    Default Works fine here
    Just tested and it works fine with my mobileme account. Also take note that I know many people who say that Yahoo's push email is typically delayed for them.

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    Mobile me is working great for me worked on the calendar and mail

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    I tried with yahoo mail again and no luck. Thanks for the replys guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuhin192 View Post
    I tried with yahoo mail again and no luck. Thanks for the replys guys.
    please be more specific, does mail crash after u open it?
    if this is the case, this happened to me before and i had to delete i think a .plist in my Mail folder by SSH-ing into my phone.. if this isnt your case, then don't know cause mine works fine

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    ive got a .mac account which apple says its supposed to automatically switch over to mobileme that part is working but not getting push email..
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    Exchange RPC over HTTPS push email working fine on 1G iPhone v2.0

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    My mail app dont crash. What happens is that yahoo mail is supposed to be a push email service. As far as i know, yahoo is only free push email server. But the push email service is not working. I want to give free services couple shots before investing money in the expensive services like microsoft exchange and mobile me.

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    cant get that mail2web to work. I can check my mail using my laptop... but it wont via the iphone. I set it up using thisIphone 2.0: Set Up Push Email, Contacts, and Calendar on Your iPhone for Free tutorial and it verfies the account in settings but never recieves any emails.

    UPDATE: I disabled my wifi and as soon as edge took over I received all the push emals... not sure if this is a coinsidence or if push email only works with edge, but I just wanted to let you know that it is working..

    UPDATE2: re-enabled WiFi and my push doesnt work... seems push only works via edge. Is this an isolated incident or has this happened to others? If thats the case then that really sucks. Im in a wifi area half the day.
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    I have had NO luck getting push mail to work through yahoo. I am currently talking to yahoo about it and am awaiting a respond.

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    Mine seems to be pushed fine from mail2web on wifi.

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    For mail2web, use as the server. It works!
    NOT lolz.
    As for yahoo, push still won't work for me.

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    mine doesn't work and I'm getting so pissed! I tried 3 different push servers and reinstalled the firmware 3 times with no luck. If it's pwnage then they really screwed up. But the funny thing is that it was working fine in the first couple days of my install. Now NOTHING will push. Meaning contacts and calendar will not push!! All my settings are correct but there's something else missing!

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    well I didnt do anything since my last post above... possibly just a reboot... but it works perfectly on both wifi and edge. Love the push email. mail2web is a great free service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reznor9 View Post
    well I didnt do anything since my last post above... possibly just a reboot... but it works perfectly on both wifi and edge. Love the push email. mail2web is a great free service.
    i ended up repwning my phone and it seems to work, for now. anyway i have a quick question. i thought if i set my push service with mail2web that i could reply to my emails forwarded with my Gmail WITH my actual gmail account. when i reply, it shows my mail2web account not my gmail account. is there something else that i need to setup?

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    my yahoo did the same thing before too. Mine is pwned now and it seems to be working good on edge, not tooooo sure about wifi tho. I'll check it out now...

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    My MobileMe and Gmail (forwarded to MobileMe) are both recieved via Push without any problems.

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    "Push" was working for with MobileMe when I was on QuickPwn (Windows) on 2.0.2 but since I restarted my iPhone its gone.
    I restored and Pwnd using Pwnage Tool and still no push.
    I dunno is it a pwnage problem or an Apple problem

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