Sorry for this traslation with Google.
Due to negligence I kill my iphone and I need to restore. I am now in the 1.1.1. Iphone originally came with the 1.0.2. Because of a mistake 2 months ago I restored it to 1.0.2 and virginized and update the 1.1.1.
My question is:
Can I restore directly to the 1.1.1 or should I do something like a virginize, Donwgrade of Baseband or something similar previously or subsequently to restore?
(Restore always itunes and Recovery Mode from the firmware 1.1.1 previously downloaded)
Unfortunately the option to update to 1.1.2. can not perform because i can not to run the instaler to install OctoPrep.
For more information I use Windows XP.
Thanks in advance for your help.