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Thread: Wanting to sell 2 iphones but need help

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    Default Wanting to sell 2 iphones but need help
    I have two iPhones (4gig and 8gig) and am wanting to sell them. However they are both AT&T activated and I was wondering if I would incur the early cancelation fee if I was to sell them. I still want the AT&T service just other phones. Any information would be gratefuly appreciated
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    You can take the SIMS out of the phones and use them with another suitable GSM phone

    However I wouldn't purchase an IPhone without a SIM card as its a complete package

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    How would someone go about this. I have my previous sim card but this one has my number on it. Can this be done?
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    -Ricky Bobby

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    Push a paperclip in the top hole and get both cards out. Then restore to 1.1.1 and sell away. Take your SIMS and pop them in any GSM phone.

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    Tell me the price

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    Haha I know how to remove the sim card but I was wondering about the plan changes. Will I be able to remove all of my iPhone plans. Visual voicemail. And obtain my corporate discount again. I was hoping to get 600 for both.
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    Dont think so....

    Your locked into a 24 month contract with the NEW AT&T wireless haha...

    If the phones are in good condition complete with box I would sell them for at least 400$ bootloader 3.9 is hard to come across especially outside US

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    I keep finding more reasons to hate ATT..haha

    Well if I am unable to remove the iphone plan's from my account then there wouldn't be much reason to sell the phones. However 400 a piece does sound like a motivating factor. I just want a lil cheaper bill along with a new blackberry.. but I will see if I can find anything out from ATT today.
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    I think the best they can do is give you a comparable contract for a Blackberry, you might get more minutes / sms for the same price, considering the mark up on the iphone contracts to cover Apples slice
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