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Thread: iphone speaker dock DIY

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    Default iphone speaker dock DIY
    Ok i don't know if this is old news. But too many threads to read through
    if you all ready know this trick cool for those who don't here you go.

    As we all know Apple has made iphone incompatable to dock with any ipod stereo docks or any 3rd party accessories. Well they'll probably release one for a REALLY REASONALBLE PRICE. Well there's a way to rig yourself your own stereo dock for that loud music that your parents always tell you turn down.

    Your UNIVERSIAL IPOD dock that came with the phone ( the little white rectangle component ). IF you noticed at the back its has a jack that says LINE OUT. Hook up your old or current pc speakers (works even better if you have 7.1spk set that sub well just drive your parents crazy!!) You got it plug it in and TURN THAT MUSIC UP!!!!!!!

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    Hey haven't tried that yet, but will!! Thanks, nice info there. Oh! and I wondered about compatibility on the ipod docks?? I mean dang, the iphone DOES have a freaking ipod in it??? So they shoulda made it compatible, WTF?? hehehe Thanks again!!
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    While doing my xmas shopping at Future Shop i say a couple of ipod stereo docks and decide hey what the heck my iphone is a pretty much and ipod. So i decided to try them out on various docks with no luck all of them gave me not compatible with iphone msg. Whats weird was it did play music from the stereo dock. So the day doing more shopping brought a friend along this time we ended up at Best Buy so I wanted to show her opinion of which dock's sound quality was better. I really liked the DBL dock so i showed her that one first. Plugged it heard a static sound error msg pops on iphone screen and nothing it didn't even recongnize my iphone, fine on to the next dock, hmmm strange samething at this point she said "i think you broke your phone moron" i really thought i did too went home plugged it into itunes phew it was fine. So I suggest iphone owners and maybe even itouch owners don't plug your phone into to many docks on store displays if you get not compatible msg yea you listen to your phone or touch and don't do. Could end up screwing your device.

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    ive plugged my phone into many different stereo docks made for ipod and get the error message and just hit cancel so it doesnt go into airplane mode and it works fine!

    I can control the ipod part of the phone with the next/play/pause/back buttons on the stereo!

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    this really isn't a DIY type of project, one is merely using the line-out feature of the dock (it is not a universal dock, those have inserts for each type of iPod and iPhone)

    Also, I'd say a large majority of iPod dockable speakers will work for the iPhone. Of course, unless it says 'made for iPhone', it cannot be guaranteed.
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    great thread.. but is there an App or Mod which will not allow the phone to go in airplane mode when on a stero dock? this way you can listen to music and still get an incoming call? perhaps just turn off the data and not the basband as there may be alot of interference.

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