So when I unlocked my iPhone I did it within windows. Now I have recently purchased a macbook. Before I did i made some changes to the sounds for when a txt message is sent, email sent/received and i want to get that to the default sounds. I was willing to restore my iPhone but since now I am in a mac the option just brings up a dialog for me to upgrade to 1.1.2 (which i really don't want to do). Is there a way to get these changes back? maybe the sound file location can be modded manually via SSH?

One more thing is that I installed a program with iBrickr but now want it uninstalled, can i do this in a mac environment? (I didn't see iBrickr for OS X)

O and I tried the 'virginizing' but that didnt really do much that I could tell besides get rid of my carrier info.

well any help would be much appreciated as I have spent most of the evening searching/reading for a way around this. Links are appreciated, I dont need to be spoon-fed