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Thread: 2G iPhone - Ring / Alert / Time issues

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    Default 2G iPhone - Ring / Alert / Time issues
    Hello all,

    I've done some searches, but couldn't find anything similar to what's happening on my iPhone, so here goes:

    I've got an 8GB 2G iPhone, unlocked and jailbroken with iLiberty+ running on 1.1.4 firmware. I'm using Optus (Australia) as the carrier and I've got some rather weird issues:

    - Whenever the iPhone is locked, the clock doesn't seem to advance correctly and will 'drift' (backwards) fairly quickly. Over the course of 8 hours it drifted over an hour on the display. I found this out when I nearly missed a flight because the alarm hadn't gone off.

    - Again, when the phone is locked, incoming call / SMS / MMS (Swirly) alerts aren't reliable. I've had the phone sitting RIGHT in front of me and it's missed 3 calls without making a sound or 'lighting up' in any way.

    I can make calls all right and it seems to work OK when it's not locked, so I'm wondering what the issue is?

    Has anyone had issues like mine? I'm contemplating a fresh restore, unlock and JB again but was wondering if that'd help.

    For completeness: I'm running SwirlyMMS (paid), Cello, Stumbler, ceLyrics and Siphon.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi I have the same problems with the ringing, did you find anything regarding this problem?

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    Armbarcrashdummy, I've got the exact same issues. I was late for work because of this problem. The time resets correctly after I reboot the phone. As far as missing texts and calls, it's annoying to say the least.

    Many times when my phone is within arm's reach I hear no ringing or vibrating. Then I slide to unlock...and I have a missed call or a few texts pop up instantly. It's very annoying, I'm hoping for the next fw update to hopefully correct this issue. My gf has the same problem on her iphone. We both have unlocked 2.1 fw 2G iphones on T-Mobile.

    If I had any other phone, I would definitley throw it against a wall and get a new one but the iphone is like an extension of my right hand...I can't do without it!

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    Hi Guys I read in this forums to install the app. named insomnia (you can find it in Cydia), this will keep the applications in your phone running but this also repair the ringing problem, the only problem is that it uses more Batery but I rather charge my phone than missed all my calls, hope this info helps.

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