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    Hello, I just joined the forums and just got an iPhone about 2 weeks ago. It is unlocked and jailbroken. I am running version 1.1.4 on T-Mobile. I just have a few questions that I haven't been able to find any awnsers t by searching and what not. The first one is I can't seem to connect to my phone via sftp. I have all of the pqckages installed that need to be installed according to a few of the guides around the net. Everytime I try to connect it says invaid password. I have tried dottie and alpine. Is there a way to change the password? Also my poet button seems that it has gotten a lot harder to press since I got my phone. Is this a common problem with iPhones? I also caabt seem to get my Roms working for the nes emulator. I put them I'm the folder it tells me to put the in via ibrickr and still nothing. Thanks for any help

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    1. Be sure to have OpenSSH installed via Installer. The first time you try to access your phone's system files, it might take up to a minute to connect.
    2. Poet button? Do you mean the home button? For my part, it's still as easy to press as before.
    3. For the ROMs, since you are on 1.1.4. be sure to be putting them in /mobile, also don't forget to change the permissions to 0755.

    Hope this helps a little!
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    hey thanks for the reply. I was trying to type power button. (still getting used to the keyboard I thought I had everything installed correctly but I will uninstall and reinstall everything when I get home tonight. Thanks again.

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    i think you need the bios for the emulator to work, you can find that using google. Iknow i needed them for sega and Gabme boy Advanced to work
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