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Thread: How to ensure NO edge.

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    Default How to ensure NO edge.
    I'm getting a 1st generation iphone, I already have ATT. But I won't have a data plan.

    How can I be ABSOLUTELY 100% sure that edge is totally disabled? What programs should I use or settings. I have heard about bosspref, and simply changing the text in the network settings but this does not seem reassuring enough.
    What other things should I do to totally disable edge, I do not want any accidental data charges and huge bills! I will ONLY be using wifi.

    I think I will also get a WIX BLOCK on my phone, I'm sure this should be possible with ATT. Anyone know for sure?

    btw a wix block blocks all multimedia and data through your provider, but I have heard stories that it does not always work. Some people still had a data charge.

    I want to be 100% safe, last thing I want is 1000$ bill for using edge!
    Thanks for any help.

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    well, I'm not using AT&T but I just used bossprefs to disable edge and it has worked like a charm for over half a year now. not a single byte of edge-data has been loaded since I disabled it.
    aditionally, there are system files in which the edge server adresses are stored. if you alter those your phone will be technically unable to connect. but for the love of god, I can't remember where these files are, sorry. I guess somewhere in the ATT carrier bundle folder.

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    >Settings > General > Network > EDGE > Turn the option to OFF and you are all good to go.

    I have been running my 1st gen since last year too and all is good. No Data Charges/Usage to date.

    FYI: You have to enter a bunch of info in to log into edge with gen 1 phones. Just make sure you do not enter any info into the settings. Leave it blank then there is no way for edge to work.

    The new issue is with 3G phones. The v2.0 or v2.01 firmware/os has no setting to turn EDGE OFF. This is a BIG! problem.
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