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Thread: Things dislike about iphone 3G

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    Trust me I love the phone but some stuffs annoy the hell out of me and maybe you too.

    No Hotmail

    I am sure you are aware you can't access the hotmail. Worst still I haven't figure out an easy way to access the email address in my hotmail contact list. This sucks. Just because Bill and Steve don't get along don't make us suffer. Besides I think it makes good bz sense to include hotmail.

    Cache the webpage

    In Safari, it usually takes 10s to load a blog page. If you accidently press the wrong link (when you want to zoom) you want to go back. Rather than reloading it SHOULD use the cache. But instead you have to wait another 10s to reload the previous page. This sucks big time when it adds up. I don't know if you have tried writting comments on blogs. Well I did. The problem is you enter the wrong password then it takes 10s to reload then you reenter the password, etc, etc.... It takes minutes to write a comment. That puts me off.

    Apps sometime crash out

    Maybe it runs out of memory or maybe my palm hit the edge of the screen apps sometime crash out. You have to be very careful in how you hold the iphone.

    The iphone gets real hot

    After surfing for 20mins, the iphone temporary is pretty hot specially when you want to make a call.

    The China Story

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    I dont own an iPhone 3G, just an iPhone( im a t-mobile user ),my friend was 2nd in line to get his on opening day, and ive probably toyed with it longer than he has. If I could buy a 3G for 200$ without a contract, I would.
    My comments, on your comments, are after each topic you talked about.

    No Hotmail: Get yahoo, or Gmail, or something. Who cares about hotmail.

    Cache the webpage: Ive never once had the problems you listed.
    I always click what I want, first try. No complaints at all.

    Apps sometimes crash out: Ive heard some things about this, but nothing mayjor.
    "You have to be very careful in how you hold the iphone. "- Kidding? You should be careful holding it because its an iphone. Ive never once crashed out of a program.

    The iphone gets real hot: This isnt a normal complaint. Either you live up north, and your used to 32 degrees on a warm day, or you got a defect, lol.

    Overall, somewhat valid points, but nothing strong.
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    On the hotmail issue its no the iPhones fault. Hotmail is a cheap email service that offers no free POP3 or IMAP services. If you pay for hotmail premium you get POP and can set that up on your iPhone

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    Open Safari, typr hotmail into the address bar, voila, there's hotmail. Hmmmmm.

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    The ONE thing I love so far... the ridiculously loud speaker!! OMG it's a 1000% improvement!

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