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Thread: IPhone Frozen...Need Help ASAP

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    Default IPhone Frozen...Need Help ASAP
    Hello folks, I recently purchased a brand new iphone, synced up with ziphone and everything was running flawlessly. Then today while working between texting and my music it froze up and showed the connect to itunes logo.

    When I plugged it up to itunes it said the device was in recovery mode. I tried to recover it to no avail, then tried on last time. It started to run the software and then it seemed to get stuck, the computer restore that is, as well as the iphone. (I'm running a MAC by the way on "Leopard") So I 'foolishly' decided to just unplug the iphone thinking that I could just turn it off and try again.

    Well that didn't work and now my iphone screen is showing the Apple logo and the little circle thing at the bottom stuck. I can't power it off or anything. Itunes doesn't even recognize it anymore.

    I have included a link to the photo of my iphone. I hope and pray somebody can help me out.

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    try putting it in DFU mode and restore. do that by (borrowed from poseidon79)

    DFU Restore Mode:
    1. Boot phone 2. Hold Power + Home until the screen goes BLACK 3. Continue to hold home and let go of power 4. Plug into iTunes (screen should still be BLACK) 5. Within 20 seconds it should come up in recovery mode 6. Let go of Home and hit RESTORE in iTunes.

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    yeh and next time use iliberty anything except ziphone because this will happen agian. Ziphone BAD iLiberty GOOD
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    Okay so I finally got it to restore itself to original settings and whatnot and used iliberty to re-jailbreak, unlock, activate, etc. The phone started to work fine and I was able to make calls and text for about a solid hour then it just went all to hell again.

    Then the phone froze up and the apple icon came up and now it is back in restore mode for some odd reason. It's like it is possessed or something. I though I was in the clear when I used iliberty because everything went well but my phone is back in the dumps.

    I need someone/anyones help on the matter. This is a brand new first gen iphone and I can't believe I'm having such issues with the phone already. Thanks.

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    i have a problem .. change the entire moterboard on the iphone 2g. i know that i had a perfect digitizer so it ain't that the problem..after the change my screen is frozen .. any ideea what happend ... i hope a recovery will fix the problem... the original motherbord was of an iphone 8gb and the new one from a refurbished iphone 16gb hope .. i'll find out what happend

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