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Thread: Listening Music/Video thru ur ordinary BLUETOOTH headset

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    Default Listening Music/Video thru ur ordinary BLUETOOTH headset
    Saw this posted else where and I've been using it successfully for quite some time. The only problem is I can't figure out how to stop it and return to normal phone call functions without turning the phone off and restarting. If anyone knows how please share. Thanks.

    iPhone 8GB Unlocked using 1.1.1
    iPhone headset/ Any Bluetooth head set


    1. Pair your headset, make a test call to see if it works. End the call normally.
    2. Dial *#307#, press call.
    3. Press the answer button twice with 2 seconds delay in your bluetooth headset (If you don't do this correctly, you will continue to listen the ringtone in headset)
    4. Press answer on iPhone.
    5. Press the home button, do NOT end the call.
    6. Open iPod and play a song, you won't get sound from iPhone, nor headset.
    7. Once it is playing, press the home button.
    8. Open phone.
    9. Dial 0, press Call.
    10. It will ring again, answer.
    11. Press audio source, select your headset.
    12. Press home button, do NOT end call. (we're almost there)
    13. Open iPod and play anything you like.

    Anyone else use this method?
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    works nicely but... it still shows that im in a call, can i end that call?

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    No you have to keep the call active in order to hear through your blue tooth. Thats the problem I'm having is that there doesn't appear to be any way to end the call except by restarting the phone. I'm wondering if anyone else knows a work around?

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    will this use up minutes? or is it like a debug mode type of thing that we can do forever? i'd love to know because my wired headphones are starting to die lol.

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    they should make a app for this

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    (FW: 1.1.4)

    This won't take up minutes and this shouldnt even have communication between your iPhone and the cell tower.

    There are issues with this method, however.

    YOU CANNOT RECEIVE CALLS. If someone calls you, they will get your voicemail and your iPhone will get kicked out of it's "Bluetooth Audio" mode. The problem is, the iPhone is now frozen, or about to freeze. I am not sure about SMSs.

    IPHONE IS UNSTABLE. If you kick your iphone out of the call (somehow), it becomes frozen after your first move.

    Basically, this is a good idea if you're somewhere where you dont need calls, sms or an iPhone that works.
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